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I thought I would start this new thread as part of the LOL Brigade alongside Parramatta and Bulldogs.

People in glass houses should not throw stones and after Friday's night's last 7 minutes we thoroughly deserve the same title.

Totally unacceptable to lose a must-win game like we did it was just incredible, and to be honest embarrassing. I've been following Manly for 55 years and the DNA of Manly sides of previous years (tough, uncompromising, never-say-die attitude) has unfortunately gone missing.
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Hopefully Garrick learnt his lesson about getting up in peoples faces as if he is Michael Jordan..when I saw him do that after his try I said to my partner we are going to lose and Holmes is going to laugh louder and bang he certainly to respect the opposition
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The last try sealed it and it was delivered to the cows by no other than dce..why wasn’t he asked in the presser what he was thinking in the last play that sealed our loss..I would like to see some tough questions asked and how they respond to criticism
Yes please , they need to be held more accountable for the poor decisions , still cant get my head around why the **** he went with that play
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Can the title of this thread be changed to COL-Manly (Crying Out Loud) after what happened with the Cowboys game. It ain't a laughing matter.
Reminds me of this Irish actor:

Crying Out Loud Manly (Colm) Meaney
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I for one dont actively dislike Parramatta. We've had good games against them and they haven't stolen anything off us since I've been watching.

They are similar to us in a lot of ways, their performances fluctuate year on year without carrying over from previous seasons for some inexplicable reason however they win against top teams more than we do.

And like Manly I dont see them winning in the next few years without some significant changes
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More than one man let in 3 trys in 3 minutes.
Factor in lack of effort plays through out the entire game that contribute to the result. It's never one bloke. Even if he may not have valued possession enough in the circumstances.
Agree - just look at our lack of challenges on Cows short drop outs, kick-offs and goal line bombs. This alone probably cost 2 trys.
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No pressure on any Cowbows kicks. Is this this a deliberate ploy or a reflection of our fitness levels ? Our total incompetence in fielding short kick off's cost us dearly also. Bad fundamentals equals bad coaching.
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Extending your 33 year old highest paid player after a couple of good games at the start of the season, nearly 2 whole years out from when they are off contract, until 2025 when they will be 36 years old is something I'd laugh at any club at. Particularly with a high number of talented young players and good Manly clubmen coming off contract in that time. Expect to lose a few!

The kind of move I'd expect from the Tigers or Warriors, but certainly not Manly

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