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    • JakeyB789
      Not the biggest fan but he was decent last night and made some really strong runs out of our own end. Defence is still horrible but I...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 replied to the thread Samuela Fainu.
      Yep huge fan of this kid like everyone else, sky is the limit for him. Was disappointed he dropped back to the bench before kickoff but...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 replied to the thread MVP: Rd 15 v Dolphins.
      Garrick Croker Schuster The points could go anywhere really. Garrick was incredible, Croker played his best game since the Cowboys game...
    • JakeyB789
      That was probably Garrick’s best game in his career and in only his second time in the centres he showed more strike than Parker has in...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 reacted to Ryan's post in the thread The Shane Flanagan Influence with 👍 Like.
      Get him OFF our ****ing team. Have some standards, ethics and pride Manly. Let him coach The Dragons in a part time job swap with NRL on...
    • JakeyB789
      Tuipulotu has done nothing but let in tries every time he's played this season so I don't see why he gets the call up over Vaega who...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 replied to the thread The Daly Cherrygraph.
      Played fantastic tonight and controlled the game really well. Anyone who thinks he does the same for us are just wrong
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 replied to the thread Tommy T Injured - usa bound.
      Don’t care what anyone says but if Tommy cared about the club he’d sit out of the rest of the series because right now he is letting us...
    • JakeyB789
      We should win and win well coming off a bye and on a Friday night at home. But this Dolphins side has a lot more heart than ours and...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 reacted to Ryan's post in the thread Half way - report card with 👍 Like.
      We've won 5 of our last 19 games (average of 25 odd scored against us in that span). This season has shown me that a change in coaching...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 reacted to TheSoaringEagle2023's post in the thread Cooper Johns with 👍 Like.
      I agree with all your points and would want Gordy to be promoted to add some spark. But as it stands Croker / Lawton are the incumbents...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 reacted to Bearfax's post in the thread Weekes - need's Blacktown ASAP with 👍 Like.
      He's young. He'll learn. He's not doing what he did in the juniors. Maybe confidence. People on here knocked Tom Wright. Now a Wallaby...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 replied to the thread Cooper Johns.
      What I don't get is that GCKT would literally be the easiest player to blood, we could have him at 14 and actually play him 20-30...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 replied to the thread Half way - report card.
      Definitely a middle of the road team that could be in a much better position by having some luck with injuries (doesn't happen for us)...
    • JakeyB789
      JakeyB789 replied to the thread Kaeo Weekes.
      Weekes has shown in his 2 games at fullback this year that’s he’s not quite ready for it yet, which is fine as he’s 21 and still has...
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14 7 7 -47 16
12 6 6 -66 16
12 5 6 -26 15
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13 5 8 -94 12
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