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      MW66 reacted to mave's post in the thread Is Mestrov really our Messiah? with 👍 Like.
      Click on your intended victims name, and hit ignore.
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      MW66 replied to the thread Is Mestrov really our Messiah?.
      How do you do that blocking thing again?
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      MW66 replied to the thread Coaches.
      Jury still out for me. I think there have been some great changes over the past 12-18 months but not sure if that is Mestrov or the...
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      MW66 replied to the thread The fairytale is over.
      After the 'Manly Way' video's and the whole Las Vegas extravagander I was optimistic of a Top 8 finish. Up 14-0 versus the Eels I was...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Woodsie's Team List Tuesdays.
      Going to be very hard to beat the Panthers. Even without Cleary and Fischer-Harris the Panthers do everything quicker than Manly. I...
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      MW66 reacted to Nordburg's post in the thread Blacktown Workers with 🤝 Agree.
      So you’re dropping someone,I assume you’re pointing at BenT,after one game that could of gone either way,for someone that’s still not...
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      Agree with this. I know we won there last year but we always seem to struggle in Wollongong. And as fired up as we may be, so will...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Garricks performance at centre.
      Agree young Hoppa looks special however body is still very slight. Give him a few more months (or next year) and watch out. Plus I...
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      This. The top teams overcome these obstacles. We need to defend better on the edges AND stop the winger rushing in. Little plays like...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Is Jaxson Paulo a starter.
      Jury out on Paulo however the issue of wingers flying in off their wing is not new. Tuipolotu did it regularly for the last 2 years...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Leaking points in the 20m.
      Agre - been an issue re leaking points in our 20m for the past 18 months. IF we can tighten this up then it will improve our chances...
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      What happens to Brown? Jake has been starting at 13 and then moves to Prop and and Brown comes on at 13.
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      MW66 reacted to ManlyTragic's post in the thread The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles) with 🌈 Optimistic.
      I’m betting Schu will be back bigger better stronger than ever.
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      MW66 reacted to The Who's post in the thread Kelma Tuilagi with 🤝 Agree.
      Agreed. But I thought Harpo had a good match. He is better than most of us thought.
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      MW66 replied to the thread Shoosh.
      BUMP Just quietly how about Naufua Whytes impact when he came on yesterday. Guy is a monster. Don't think there was ever anything in...
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5 2 3 -5 4
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