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      Will be a lot closer than people think. Would not surprise if Dolphins win against a mistake riddled Eagles. Dolphins have been...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Blacktown Workers ... 2023 ...
      Yep his defence has been a bit suss. Also when you watch the highlights players around him seem to scoring tries at will e.g. Abbey...
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      FMD Tuipolotu on the wing. Osaka guaranteed a hat trick. We name Vaega on the bench. In one game against Melbourne he showed more...
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      I thought Kelma was back this week as well but happy with the side listed above.
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      MW66 reacted to 1978's post in the thread Shoosh with Disagree.
      My bet is Sitili Tupouniua. Roosters have surplus of backrowers and we have chased him before. I suspect Kelma Talangi will be shopped...
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      MW66 reacted to Nordburg's post in the thread The Shane Flanagan Influence with 👍 Like.
      Especially a coach that hasn’t had the chance at building the roster.
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      MW66 reacted to LeonardCohen's post in the thread Spoon with 👍 Like.
      It’s concerning that the Cowboys won today and the Dragons are competing with the Panthers. I still worry about that spoon.
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      MW66 reacted to mickqld's post in the thread The Daly Cherrygraph with 👍 Like.
      I think that DCE appears to play well in origin simply because he's surrounded by the elite players who have the hunger to win at all...
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      MW66 replied to the thread The Daly Cherrygraph.
      The difference between Cleary and DCE last night was leadership and passion for the State jersey. DCE made so many effort plays. Its...
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      MW66 reacted to Simonmyers11's post in the thread The Daly Cherrygraph with 👍 Like.
      Its simple mate, having an unbelievable year. He is the form number 7 in the comp and leading from the front week in week out in an...
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      MW66 reacted to alafua siaosi's post in the thread Tommy T Injured - usa bound with 🌈 Optimistic.
      Tom was the best NSW back last night and playing out of position .If Tom played fullback last night NSW would have won easily with the...
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      I was quietly optimistic at the start of the season. New coach, team culture looked good, we won the pre-season and beat Dogs and Parra...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Check out the ladder.
      We are currently in a dog fight for bottom 4. IF Turbo or DCE pick up a(nother) major injury we will fight it out for the spoon. Top 8...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Juniors Discussion Thread.
      I always try to watch the Flegg highlights. While it is very much a highlights package of tries scored you can get a bit of a hindsight...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Trouble within the club?.
      There are some reports that Siebold has a relationship with an agent who manages both Woods and Flanagan hence the fuel to the Flanagan...
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