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      Don't really understand it tbh however if that is where he stands then our best option is to release him for his sake and our cap.
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      Woodsie just checked the video and you need to go off for a HIA assessment!
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      Gee the pack looks a lot weaker without Aloiai starting. Would like to see Jake at Prop and maybe Schuster at Lock to start.
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      MW66 replied to the thread SOO, Jake, DCE, general discussion.
      Love Jake. Plays with exact same passion for Manly - just used slightly differently. Jake and Oshay would match up well against all...
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      MW66 replied to the thread The Daly Cherrygraph.
      Played behind a badly beaten team. Thought his first half was pretty good and Cobbo should have given him a try assist. Not sure there...
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      MW66 reacted to master blaster's post in the thread I want to shag froggy with ✔️ Agree.
      I will admit I was one of them and now I see him as a must keep player, someone we dont want to lose but Manly will do as Manly and say...
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      MW66 reacted to Tragic Eagle's post in the thread The Schuster question .. with ✔️ Agree.
      Payton reinstalled self discipline within the playing group and they now they look like a well drilled side playing to a solid game...
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      Thought the assessment of Koula's game was a bit harsh. Apart from a couple of handling errors I thought he caught the kicks well and...
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      Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated. Notably not one Manly junior mentioned (including Latu Fainu). Jeepers!!
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      Cant seem to get this to work but noticed behind the DT paywall there is an article on Top 50 players under 18. Can anyone cut & paste...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Under 19's mens State of Origin.
      Watched the first half and some very impressive players on show. The bulldogs centre Alamoti, NSW halves (Storm have another goodun in...
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      MW66 replied to the thread Nathan Brown.
      It is Nathan Brown the Parra forward, not Nathan Brown ex coach.
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      MW66 replied to the thread Where’s Paseka?.
      Would Tapau come back through ressies? Paseka has played very well in ressies and I have watched one of his televised games. Must be...
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      MW66 posted the thread Bench in Rugby League Forum.
      I meant to write something about this a bit earlier however another glaring factor in our loss on Friday night was the lack of impact...
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      MW66 replied to the thread [email protected].
      Agree - just look at our lack of challenges on Cows short drop outs, kick-offs and goal line bombs. This alone probably cost 2 trys.
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