Sorry Jdd but statistically DCE is a better defender. Johns average tackles per game was 14.61 with an 88 per cent efficiency rating. DCE consistently tackles over 20 per game and has a 90% efficiency rating. He wasnt as good a ball player as Johns, which I acknowledged. But he was faster, had a far better general kicking game and has always led from the front. Little wonder that he is almost always the highest Fantasy coach numbers man in the Manly team, because he has so many facets in his game. I'm not saying he's better than Johns, but to suggest Johns is vastly better does not show statistically. Johns was also blessed with being in a strong team for most of his career given Newcastle made the finals every year from 1995-2004, which assisted his performances. Manly on the other hand have struggled for the past seven years, leaving DCE a much harder job to shine.
Statistics don’t always tell the truth About tackling mate but nice research and add . In D johns used his shoulder and playing 9 in origin was a weapon with it . Our right side is targeted by defence weekly for a reason And not all of the missed tackles are allocated to whoever make the vital error. DCE rushes up creating space that inevitably someone else has to clean up

also hard to compare eras . What are the average tackles made in a game in 2022 compared to the nineties considering stoppages have been eliminated and the game has sped up considerably. I would also suggest that DCE is targeted in D more than johns so his numbers are up. I’m not ragging on his defence as it’s not too bad. Not as good as it once was but his reads can be terrible

TBH Foran has had a much better season and had far more impact than DCE in both attack and D

both JT and Johns are in immortal class. DCE is good has far too many average or below games to be considered in this company. DCE is faster and has top shelf skills absolutely,but throws caution to the wind far more often and makes Poor percentage plays often . DCE highlight reel is probably as good as the others, possibly better , but is lowlights far exceed those 2 players also , gamble big, win big , but lose big also

its a team game and individual highlights are great but at times they come at the expense of what’s best for the team,

he is a goer for sure, but just seems to be oblivious to the role the side needs , and plays his own game . When Foran goes we will be in a world of hurt
i must say though he went well tonight considering origin ,

anyways enjoy
differences of opinion are not a rarity anywhere . Every person who uses the hater tag is not accepting that opinions differ , and come from a belief that there’s is right thus they brand the opposite opinion as Negative, And anyone who differs does so on emotion , and not from a reasoned or educated position about the club they support
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DCE has a brilliant long kicking game just as good if not better than Cronks. Its other aspects of his game where you start to think players like Foran are better. Still hes a good player DCE helping the qld underdogs win when they weren't favorites.
His short kicking game on the opposition line has improved heaps, if he just runs the ball a bit more no reason he couldn’t be as good as cleary or munstur.
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It's simple.. if the forwards go forward the backs can play and a good half becomes a really good half.. all the DCE haters on here have no's actually very simple.. when the forwards dominate the half then has time and space and can run the plays as he wants.. the better halfbacks then look outstanding. If your forwards are being steamrolled your on the back foot and not even the world's greatest halfbacks can be dominant or even good in that situation.listen to what opposing coaches and players say about DCE or how highly people like Jake talk about him... oh but wait we are the experts. Hmmm
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What an absolutely exceptional article.

It disappoints me how many of our own fans pile in on DCE. The man is a frikkin legend. He's not a 10/10.... but he IS an 8/10 most weeks. Never makes headlines for the wrong reasons, sets a great example and culture. He's a bloody
Lots of " so called supporters" also seem to forget he was in the top 3 Dally M points last year, playing in the same team as the winner and Tom had a season that won't be repeated.. we also had a huge year where lots of other players stepped up and took points. how can anyone not see the player that DCE is, maybe not always perfect but i wouldn't swap him.. if the forwards do their job DCE always delivers
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Very different types of players. Thurston and Johns had great skills and some of those were superior to DCE. But DCE has skills superior to either Johns or Thurston. Better defender and kicker than them both. Quicker than Johns, but perhaps not explosive as Thurston or as good a play maker/organiser as Johns. But none of them were great in every aspect of the game. Easy as is so often the case to only think of the top plays of former players and overlook their deficiencies. I recall Johns and Thurston having ordinary games some against Manly. Not often but it happened. DCE is up there. I wont say he's the best half of all time, but he's top shelf.
Some valid Bearfax but just don 't think that it alters the overall situation in regard to D C E . Will say again , really good player when he is on his game and last night exceptional of course . Also have mentioned a few times that he has definitely improved his pass selection and ruck anticipation in recent games culminating this week with 2 stellar performances , Defence and kicking game is usually up to standard but so much better when his game management is up there as well . Easily M O M last night from some pretty good other Manly individual efforts . Certainly in the right zone now with his footy , every indication that he can maintain it , well will certainly be hoping .
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This Daly Cherrygraph page will keep getting filled with DCE's Inspirational and Terrific Triumphs

DCE Slaughters the NSW Blue Sheep on Wednsday

And three days later he rises to the occasion once again and puts the Knights to the sword

DCE Is the Majestic Maroon

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