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  1. SeaEagleRock8

    DCE Merged Thread

    DALY Cherry-Evans laughed at the media this week but it was his football that spoke the loudest to put a full stop on a tumultuous week for Manly. As talk of civil unrest at the Brookvale club and the future of embattled coach Trent Barrett took hold, Cherry-Evans had the perfect response to the...
  2. SeaEagleRock8

    No more excuses - DCE

    Thu 23 Feb, 2017, 5:10pm By Martin Gabor ‌, National Correspondent , NRL.com New Sea Eagles skipper Daly Cherry-Evans says there will be no excuses at Lottoland this season as the northern beaches club looks to snap a two-year absence from the finals. Having been a mainstay in the...
  3. H

    Blake Green and DCE | How it'll work

    We need a new Foran, leading us around when momentum is against us, which then allows dce to strike cause he is a confidence player... a good one at that. Green, seeing the player he is, will notice that dce is lacking this dominance in his game and will either give him advice to him as to how...
  4. lsz

    Manly’s daly cherry-evans laughs when asked if he’s worth $10m

    Daly Cherry-Evans during a Manly training camp in the pre-season. ‘I hope our supporters can hang in there.’ Picture: Gregg Porteous Daly Cherry-Evans was asked yesterday how he responded to suggestions he wasn’t living up to his $10 million contract. “I laugh about it,” the Manly halfback...
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