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The Daly Cherrygraph

Mark from Brisbane

“ Triggered Boomer”
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Oct 2, 2008
@ReadingThePlay blocked me on Twitter.

Honestly no one blocks me , I’m always respectful but always very pro Manly.

I called out his bull**** and said he was just making it up to suit his North Sydney Bears Agenda and BINGO I was gonski.

He can dish out crap but can’t take the heat when it’s put back on him.


Chip and Chase

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Nov 17, 2004
From Weidlers column today:

Fox Sports’ list of contracted current and former players has also been slashed significantly, including losing Daly Cherry-Evans and Moses Mbye, among others. Even big stars such as NSW, Australia and Roosters captain Boyd Cordner don’t have deals locked down for this season.
For every cloud there is a silver lining...from the same article

Last week we revealed that a player they had been grooming as a media talent for years, Cooper Cronk, did not have a deal days out from the start of the season. Fox have also let Brett Finch, Mark Gasnier and Graeme Hughes go.

No Cronk (fingers crossed) and no Gasnier.......shut up and take my money !!!!!!!!!!! Two of the biggest dribblers in the business, won't be sad to not hear that pair this season. Now if they can just do something about Hodges.

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