Post-Game Discussion Manly v Cowboys [Round 15, 2022]

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Sea Eagles
26 4 Pines Park
17 Jun 2022 18:00
80th minute

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It should be drilled into them to take the two, if it’s an easy shot, especially if the game is evenly balanced.
Going for glory. Like DCE’s desperate pass. Those missed 2 do come back to haunt, plus Garrick had an off night with conversions.


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Point is not where he scored, it’s where he received the pass/got involved in the play, which is well before the grounding location and closer towards Nanai. Even a metre is still under 10m total transversely from where Nanai caught the ball. I guess my point was that it had to have been a definitive 10m to overturn a ‘no try’ call. i.e catches the ball on the 30m line and passes to the player 10m out from the try line (clearly made 20m before passing).

Guess it doesn’t matter now anyway

I don’t get the rule. So you can pass to a player in an offside position as long as he’s 10 metres away? That doesn’t make sense. The cowboys player gets directly involved in the play and came from an offside position. The play needed to advance 10 metres before he could get involved.


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Now that Davey is going to the slime, Des should be starting him from the bench and Shuster in the starting line-up as he needs more match fitness and game time especially when he'll be playing in the halves next year.
Davey going back to Parra? I haven’t heard this.
This. He’s been at the club a very long time and done plenty of good things and won us some games. However, if there was ever a player that just goes thru the motions to collect his check every week, regardless of the result, it’s him.
Twice now we’ve had the choice of keeping Foran or DCE and both times we’ve let Foran go. It was a mistake the first time as well. The sooner we can move on from him the better.
i dont think we let him go the first time


Des “brilliant“ game plan scarcasm - was to predominantly attack from manly’s left side away from Koula & Huamole, you know Manly‘s 2 most dangers players at the moment ! Absolute dumb. How is Des still a 1st grade coach.
How many times did Foran come to the right side to join the attack ? But We saw DCE Play on the left many times to the weakest of Manly wings. Just unbelievable. This idiotic plan was trained for all week.

Manly’s middle D was great, but the Cowboys were in 2nd gear.
DCE far more cold than hot, & another failure against one of the top teams. How many times does this have to be proven.


Evans was terrible and cost js the game and he has been ordinary most of the season. Which is confusing. He does have the skills to close out a game, his kicking is up there in top 3 on his day and he can run a nice line and throw a good pass to outside men. The confusing bit is he has done none of the above this year except in the Canberra game when his kicking won the game. I don’t get it.

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We are a better team without DCE playing a game management role. That is a huge problem considering he is our captain, halfback and main playmaker.
We were the better team with DCE playing for 73 minutes. People forget his kicks that go us in good field position. It’s the last 7 minutes which is on the entire team not just 1 player.

Yes he may have dropped the ball for the last try but it was Drinkwater making a play on his hand. We were just too lazy in defence for their first 2 tries of the 3 tries. Should have defended much better.

They will bounce back next game against the Storm and go on a 2 to 4 game winning streak again. I’m still confident of a top 8 finish and we are travelling better than many expected us to.

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DCE was rubbish...we were 14 in front...he needed to manage it and close the game like a champion million dollar halfback...He Didn't! FACT Des needs to be firm and drop him from 7 and go with what works...Give the ball early to Haumole and speed demon Koula...Geez..
8 minutes to go, Crocker kicks ball downfield, Drinkwater let’s in run in his ingoal then beats 2 defenders to get infield, Koula tackles him then ref blows a penalty for not being square when he was. Cowboys kick from penalty, go downfield, kick and score. 26-18. Manly kick off, Cowboys keep the ball alive, score again. 26-24. Dce kicks off and Nanai drops the ball. From the scrum Drinkwater makes a play for DCEs arms and knocks the ball free and Holmes scores. 26-28.

Manly do short kick off but Cowboys get ball, they go downfield. Manly gets 1 full set then 1 where they have 1 shot at field goal and it just goes wide.

Where is the blame on just one player of DCE when the team as a whole switched off after 72 minutes?

The entire team will be seething at this loss and they will bounce back. I have seen enough from them, without Turbo as well this year, that they will win more games than lose to make the finals. We need 5 wins from 9 to play (excludes the Bye) to be on 26 points.

Our forwards the last 3 games have been brilliant, especially Aloai, Ola, Sipley and Jake, Crocker has been going great, and that has resulted in us scoring an average of 33 points in our last 3 games, and we scored 16 points in the second half against the Cowboys where they have let in 16 points in 9 games prior to last night. We could have executed better in the first half to have a bigger lead but the Cowboys defence was great.

The emotions of last night is gone and this was the reality of the game - we were all over a top 4 side for 73 minutes, but switched off in defence when we should have done better.


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I woke up hoping that it was just a bad dream but unfortunately not. After going to brookie for 50+ years I have never walked out feeling so gutted. I am hoping the players especially our effing captain feel the same. I’m sure they do and feel it will galvanise the team for a run to the finals. They should now feel that they have the ability to challenge the top teams.

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