Us V Roosters Trial Thread


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Let’s just smash the Rorters and also collect the 3 bonus points along the way and the title is ours.
“SIMPLES” as the Mercat says !


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Given a lot of '2023 NRL predictions' posts on Google-searches see the Rooters as sure-thing premiers, this will be a great litmus test.

Those same threads see our mighty Eagles finish 9-14, coming off assumptions of 'Pride impact' (which I share unfortunately), more player exodus than signings (fair, but overlooking our talented youth), and the fact Seibold is simply no Des, when it comes to credentials and runs-on-board. Again, this is fair. Seibs talks a good game, and with the media he is like a walking Fox & Friends infomercial (Flanagan is still on the Fox payroll for the trial games - wtf is that about???), but we all know Silvertails will butcher Seibold in a heartbeat if the results don't flow.

So its a trial this week, but a premiership-winning team is built on depth and consistency over a year. I'm not putting too much in this game, but the line-up from both teams suggests this isn't a 'nothing' game.

The reward for finishing the "pre-season challenge" on top is $100k. I imagine that a win - even a psychological one (without 100k on the line), would be a confidence booster of some note for a team with a Pride hangover. It will mean more for us than for us than the Rooters, who will just top-up Nick's brown paper bags - which Brandon Smith will probably shove up his nose anyway, when he discovers what the Eastern Suburbs scene is actually all about...

This matters more to us, and I hope we treat it as such.


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A really good test is what this trial is about
Any Silverwear is a bonus, but all the players should be aiming for is a rugged competitive performance against a bench mark team.
The Cheese, Teddy and Walker need extra attention in defence and last Fridays 3-4 man tackles to slow the momentum was great....but that was a reserve grade south's team.
Keen to see Gordy at 9 behind some big men returning and I reckon he will cause some havoc through the middle.


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I really don't understand the resting of DCE when he is part of an entirely new halves combo which, surely, needs game time to mature.
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Unfortunately GCKT is a development player meaning he can't play first grade until round 11. Would love to see him get promoted to top 30 though if he has another blinder
Photo on Facey this morning of him signing into the top 30!!

Not sure of it’s accuracy


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I really don't understand the resting of DCE when he is part of an entirely new halves combo which, surely, needs game time to mature.

His last 2 season starts have been very average at best. History suggest he needs plenty of trial minutes . Unless he hits the ground running it adds heaps of extra pressure on schuster. The 2nd round bye only adds more reason.

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D C E and Schuster have had a few games as a half "s pairing previously so can "t see it as a big deal and obviously there would be a valid reason for still resting D C E . Pre season training and simulated playing drills are pretty full on [ and not always good outcomes , a la Humphries ] so should not be an issue with familiarity . Looks like Cooper Johns is being groomed now for some serious half "s cover so a run at 7 this trial quite in order .

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