PONGA switch to halves as Knights chase GARRICK


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If Garrick gets offered fullback money when his contract ends then so be it but we should have some backbone and hold him to 2023.

In regards to Best, I still think there is plenty of talent there....the big issue is he is injured as much as Tommy. That said if we could get him and if Harper or Parker where able to get an opportunity elsewhere then Id be happy to take that punt.


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Garrick is dreaming.

He is a solid first grade winger
He’s worth what someone is willing to pay him. I have said before with some of the other fbs going around Reubs (fully fit) can value add in that position, plus he kicks goals.

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Garrick is an admirable fill in fullback but I don't think he has the ball skills to be a full time fullback at NRL level. Not on "fullback" money anyway.

As far as us acquiring Best ? When he first came onto the scene he looked like he might be a star, but injuries have plagued him and he hasn't really set the world on fire. I'm not sure there is a massive upside to what we currently see, but who knows what he can produce if he gets a good run without injury.


ABC grandstand mentioned it a few times on todays broadcast.

A few knights fans texted in with mixed opinions.
There’s plenty of talk around social media that it’s just about a done deal.Whilst he’s improved,he’s no match winner at 1.He’s the fullback when your top3 in the comp fullback is out injured.I wonder if it’s a swap with Bradman Best?


We will miss his goal kicking.. that’s about it..
He’s a solid winger, and a decent substitute fullback when needed.. but he ain’t a full time fullback..
Even last year, when they like to rabbit on about his record points , tommy set up more than half of his tries.. take Tom out and garricks try’s drop from 22 to around 10 a season


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Garrick is pretty underrated. He’s been carrying an injury for a while and playing out of position, so hard to judge his current form. If he does go, we will miss him. He’s a better winger than Saab. Saab only has speed going for him, and even then he needs to be in open space to reach his potential.

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