PONGA switch to halves as Knights chase GARRICK


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Superstar Kalyn Ponga may have played his last game at fullback for Newcastle.

And it has nothing to do with the toilet cubicle drama that has left genuine question marks around his leadership and captaincy.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal it’s part of a plan to get the million-dollar man more involved from the halves. And it also opens up the fullback role for an attempt to sign Manly Sea Eagles star Rueben Garrick.

Garrick still has a year to run on his Sea Eagles contract but wants to play fullback.

That can’t happen next year with the return of champion fullback Tom Trbojevic.

Garrick is on winger’s money and could double his money as a fullback at a rival club.

Whether the Knights can negotiate an early release from Manly remains to be seen.

Ponga has returned to non-contact training with the Knights and has been running at five-eighth, not fullback.

He’s also told coach Adam O’Brien he is happy to play where it most benefits the side.

Garrick wants to play fullback lol some of these guys need to know their station in life. Reuben you are on wingers money because that is what you are you are not a fullbacks jock strap.

In Buzz's column so take with a grain of salt.
Not much we can do here if he wants fullback money.
Of course coming from Booze Rothfield there is little chance he is right.
Serious? he is trash at fullback he can **** off to the knights if he wants more money.
You weren’t saying that for the middle part of the season when we were winning. He was average the last month because he was playing busted.

Yet you’re happy to give Tom 1.2M to be injured and out every season ? Which one is it
You weren’t saying that for the middle part of the season when we were winning.

Please point me to the posts I made about Garrick. I'll help you don't waste your time I wouldn't waste my time posting about a winger.

Your next point is no I'm not happy about Tom being injured on 1.2 million.

Garrick is a run of the mill winger the game is full of them. He is not a fullback or a centre and should not get 1 dollar more from us.
Did the tele get this story from reading the Garrick thread?

Yes he did AND what's worse it has NOT been discussed at Newcastle OR with anyone related to Garrick.

The mere insinuation that he could double his money at Newcastle is based upon a writer (not a journalist) using two or three junior people in the NewsCorp network to do his work, scouring forums of different clubs.

There is a matter being discussed between the clubs and at no stage has Rueben been discussed, AT ALL!

Phil Rothfield is a writer who is well protected with his mates in the media but they are slowly moving on and his ability to stay relevant is ensuring that his content is more salacious than factual.

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