please explain

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can someone please tell me how our defensive line has become so soft compared to the first 8 games.i can understand how our attack has dropped off as teams begin to work u out but that cannot be the case with a defensive pattern.if a defensive pattern works then it all comes down to attitude and faith in your inside and outside man.

if attitude is the case what happened to make these guys drop their bundle so much.or has it simply become a case of no confidence due to the lack of wins recently.
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I remember the trial against the Tigers where our pack just monstered them and crushed them. Look how the same packs are going now. Can't explain it except that defense is a lot about attitude - we haven't had it since the Monaghan yes or no debacle.
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I think it has something to with a divide between players contract dealings. If so its still wrong there paid to do a job and they should at least put in for pride. But somehow I dont think they care enough for who there playing for to put in.

I cant understand how they can go into the sheds 38-0 down, get a roasting from Dessie, then proceed t play as badly in the second half.

Either they have no respect for Dessie or the Club, or they are girls!
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The following words come to mind: attitude, committment and faith.

The guys just dont seem to have the right attitude to defence. It all seems too preventitive to me. It's like "oh here comes a runner, I should try and stop him him getting past me" instead of, "here comes this prick, my opposite number, I am going to absolutely hammer this bloke and make sure he thinks twice about running straight at me for the rest of the game"

Committment, again show some steel and make sure that the opposition knows you are going to commit to them every time they touch the ball. Put the attack in 2 minds instead of them doing it to us.

Faith, you absolutely have to show faith in your inside man. I know that some of our guys have weeknesses but it doesnt matter. You cant constantly cover for a bloke because it then leaves you vunerable and makes you look bad.

Rev your team mates up in defense, when was the last time all the boys got right into it, encouraging each other after a massive hit, stirring each other up. Get into it!!
a lot of this comes from leadership, remember when Tooves used to throw himself at blokes three times his side, the rest of the blokes could not help but follow.

What leadership are they getting now ?
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Clontago, Looks like no-brainer stuff for Pro footballers.

But its seams like even the basics left those softies!
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Tovves had Cement and Spud throwing themselves in there as well, what do we have a knee lifter, arm swinger and kylie minougue impressionist
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now boys dont let this thread degenerate into a monas bashing thread,not because i want to protect precious but simply because i am bored with them.
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Na - we proved we could tackle and were the best defensive team in the first 10 weeks. You don't just lose your tackling ability.

Clontaago got it right!
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I agree Clontago is right. Therefore this is a coaching issue.

Especially, because we know we can tackle as was proven the first 12 weeks of the comp.
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I believe the players have lost faith in the club. The way the Monaghan affair was handled was destabalising and would make any current player question the club's values and it's honesty - all this when we were winning.

Rumours, innuendo, keeping players in the dark re. contracts (if they get one or not ie Randall, Stephenson), releasing players mid-contract make people unhappy and unsure about their future.

They are not playing for each other, the club or fans, they only play for themsleves
well said silver. WE also haev 5-6 players leaving next season who we didnt want to keep.. so theyve lost their heart to play.
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kaza, the 5-6 who havent been offered a contract by us also havent been offered a contract by anyone else,would that be enough to keep you going .the fact u will be digging ditches in 5 months time unless u perform.
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Agreed Vegas. Even if you had signed with another club, what message does it send to them. Just shows that you arent committed and are willing to turn it up when things arent going your way.
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Everyone who has posted in this thread is spot on. If BK wasn't there the record could be even worse. As they say "A fish stinks from the head first"!
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I agree with most of Silvers comments.

The club shows little loyalty. When the wipps are cracking niether do the players.
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i am not going to argue with u byso but i disagree,outside the monghan saga which nobody knows exactly how it unfolded (remember banaghans involved) i dont remember a long line of loyalty problems from our management.
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Well there must be a reason why they show no pride in there club?

I haven't seen other clubs break point scoring records 2 years in a row.

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