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      silver reacted to Frogz's post in the thread Shambles with 👍 Like.
      We are in a real bad way. Who have we bought that will improve this team. kapow and Walker gone (good thing) but yet again another year...
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      silver reacted to Merchant Of Doom's post in the thread Manase D Day with 👍 Like.
      I'm with @Eagle of London here. Fainu is a dickhead. I vote we delete this thread entirely, and erase him from existence, and never...
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      silver reacted to Spartan Eagle's post in the thread Tony Mestrov with 👍 Like.
      He just proved why Penn should never front the media again.
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      silver reacted to XV-1's post in the thread Ethan Bullemor with 👍 Like.
      I thought he was very good last night against the Roosters. Ran hard with good leg speed. Surely he will be in the 17 against Parra...
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      silver replied to the thread Shameful lack of tradition.
      What is even more concerning is that this 'breaking news' is from one of the most discredited journos in the game Weidler - what a f'wit...
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      silver reacted to MissKate's post in the thread Shameful lack of tradition with 👍 Like.
      I am more disappointed that 7 of our team are threatening to stand down rather than wear this jersey, that is v sad
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      silver reacted to Terry Zarsoff's post in the thread Overreaction with 😆 Haha.
      Why did the word ‘paragraphs’ just pop into my conscious thought?
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      silver reacted to mickqld's post in the thread Kaeo Weekes with 👍 Like.
      Schuster isn't anywhere near playing 6. He needs time back in BWSE to find himself because he's a deadloss at the moment. The usual Des...
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      silver reacted to HK_Eagle's post in the thread Kaeo Weekes with 👍 Like.
      Sorry, but Des is a dumb a$$ canrt. So predictable. The game has left him behind. He has consistently burnt subs in an era where sub...
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      silver reacted to frank stokes's post in the thread Kaeo Weekes with 👍 Like.
      ....called it...
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      silver reacted to Eagles4Life's post in the thread Kaeo Weekes with 👍 Like.
      Yep playing an unfit, overweight Schuster at five-eight would have made a huge difference on the result. Foz on the other hand has been...
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      silver replied to the thread Overreaction.
      For me it justified our reason why not to throw silly money at Walker. He was useless. I expect an NRL player of his experience to have...
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      silver reacted to The Wheel's post in the thread Overreaction with 👍 Like.
      I like blaming refs when we lose, it’s therapeutic 😉
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      silver reacted to Snake's post in the thread Suli being circled? with 👍 Like.
      Of course, defence is Suli’s big concern but what’s also problematic, is his lack of football smarts...he is not a genuine footballer...
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      No way Jose. For me, one of the most over -rated players in the NRL. Only good for a base level contract as a back up.
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