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We live in a hologram according to the greatest minds of science. You know - those guys who don't even try to sound clever.

Actually I read an article on this issue and it was a little more complex than just a hologram. I'll se if I can find it. It doesn't dismiss reality but as I said I cant recall how it was described.
Grizzly old fart
Grizzly old fart
The article was more complex than a hologram? Well done that you could read it!

If you think that's complicated try reading stuff on quantum mechanics and particle physics. I've read a couple of books on the subject and my head still spins. Concepts of energy being both a wave and a single photonic particle at the same time, being unable to see and measure at the sub atomic level at the same time, suggesting that observing something effects its, the concept of entanglement, the fact that the hadrons in an atom (protons and neutrons) are actually a hundred thousandth times smaller than the space in an atom and the three quarks making up hadrons are two hundred times smaller than the hadrons they make.. Therefore almost all matter is just space held together by various forces electrostatic, gravitational, strong and weak nuclear. Everything we see is just space with very tiny particles of matter held together by force fields.

Tell you I read over the his stuff several times and still cant get my head around it
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If you think that's complicated try reading stuff on quantum mechanics and particle physics

The weird thing about QM is that no one really understands it. The quote popularly attributed to physicist Richard Feynman is still true: if you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don't.
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So Catholic teaching is that Jesus died for our sins.
Homosexuality is a sin.
Jesus died for gays.
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I feel the same when people, who have no true understanding of Christ and have never thought it would be a good idea to get a firm grasp of the subject (by way of research, viewing the evidence with critical thinking etc) before putting forward all sorts of bizarre notions about how he is nonsense. Most people can't seem to understand the massive difference between religion and Jesus. They ball it all up together in an absurd defence of their stance. (although it is blatantly clear if they'd only look for themselves instead of regurgitating the same uninformed opinions of their peers.

As Brian and Jesus both stressed....don't go with the flow. "Think for yourselves". Don't blindly follow religious leaders and churches.

Free will got Adam and Eve nowhere. That’s been done. The bible is there for a reason although it was penned by imperfect humans. Freewill is why we are all in this mess.Everyones view is not the same.As long as that is the case then it’s down to survival at best. I agree though as there is nothing worse that jumping on a bandwagon going nowhere.

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