Pre-Game Manly v Sharks [Round 23, 2022]

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4 Pines Park
20 Aug 2022 05:30 PM

Team Lists


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Manly v Sharks [Round 23, 2022]


Saturday 20th August 2022

.... 4 Pines Park, Brookvale, NSW

Gates Open:.... TBA.

NRL Kick Off Time:.... Manly Warringah Sea Eagles v Cronulla Sutherland Sharks: 5:30pm.


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Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

02. Tolutau Koula
23. Alfred Smalley
03. Brad Parker
04. Morgan Harper
05. Christian Tuipulotu
06. Kieran Foran
07. Daly Cherry-Evans (c)

08. Josh Aloiai
09. Lachlan Croker
10. Martin Taupau
11. Haumole Olakau'atu
16. Ethan Bullemor
13. Dylan Walker

14. Ben Trbojevic
15. Josh Schuster
17. Toafofoa Sipley
18. Kurt De Luis


21. James Roumanos.



12. Andrew Davey
19. Kaeo Weekes
20. Zac Fulton
22. Jacob Sykes - Development Player.

Available But Not Selected:
  • Morgan Boyle
  • Raymond Tuaimalo Vaega
  • Viliami Fifita
  • Alec Tuitavake
  • Jamie Humphreys - Development Player
  • Gordon Chan Kum Tong - Development Player.

From the 'NRL Casualty Ward - All the Latest Injury News' web page, Here is the Latest NRL Injured or Unavailable Update:

* * * (Updated: Thursday, 18 Aug 2022) * * *

The Sea Eagles have lost fullback Reuben Garrick for their final three matches due to a shoulder injury.

Garrick's injury comes on top of forward leader Jake Trbojevic (broken hand) and winger Jason Saab (ACL) already being ruled out for the rest of the season.

Manly Sea Eagles
  • Taniela Paseka (Knee, Indefinite)
  • Sean Keppie (Shoulder, Indefinite)
  • Tom Trbojevic (Shoulder, Season)
  • Jake Trbojevic (Hand, Season)
  • Karl Lawton (Knee, Season)
  • Jason Saab (Knee, Season)
  • Reuben Garrick (Shoulder, Season)

Also, from the NRL Casualty Ward, Manly hub page, there are no variations to the information regarding the unavailable or injured players and their return periods:

  • Reuben Garrick (Shoulder, Next Season)
  • Karl Lawton (Knee, Next Season)
  • Jason Saab (Knee, Next Season)
  • Jake Trbojevic (Hand, Next Season)
  • Tom Trbojevic (Shoulder, Next Season)
  • Sean Keppie (Shoulder, Indefinite)
  • Taniela Paseka (Knee, Indefinite)
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Even though we have a fork stuck in us ...

I can't help looking forward to Dessie's Tuesday team sheet ... and the inevitable head-shaking and hand wringing from the armchair brigade ...

With Saab and Jake out ... it increases the anticipation ...


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If nothing else would at least like to see Weekes get a run (move Garrick to wing to replace Saab or give the poor bugger a rest) and maybe another young forward e.g. Fulton / Tuitavake (although I think he is injured).


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With Des it will be Koula to wing, Parker and Harper in Centres with Siply at 13 and Paseka joining the bench (or Boyle or De Luis).

Should be Koula to fullback.
Garrick back to wing, considering he is supposedly injured
Parker and Harper reunited.

Won't happen thou.


I don't get why he doesn't start Walker at 13, he plays 60 mins each week there when he comes on so it wouldn't be a stretch to start him.
None of the others can play big minutes in the middle.

Start Sipley and Marty

Paseka*, Schu, Keppie* ( or KDL ) and Weekes/Fulton on the bench

*if recovered from injury


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With Des it will be Koula to wing, Parker and Harper in Centres with Siply at 13 and Paseka joining the bench (or Boyle or De Luis).
This is exactly what will happen

What I would like to see, knowing it's no chance of happening:

Weekes - give him a run in his preferred position, could be a possible FB/halves backup off the bench next year similar to Hynes at Storm last year
Garrick - also back in his preferred position, give him a break getting burnt at the back by slower players
Paseka - we were at our best last year with him starting with Aloiai, hasn't happened a single time this season
Schuster - let him start the game and get his hands on the ball early, bringing him on for 10-20 minute stints every week is doing him no good

Walker - can rotate with Schuster
Fulton - just needs 25 mins off the bench


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Predicted top 4 Predators team

1. Kade Dykes
2. Connor Tracey
3. Jesse Ramien
4. Siosifa Talakai
5. Ronaldo Mulitalo
6. Matt Moylan
7. Nicholas Hynes
8. Royce Hunt
9. Blayke Brailey
10. Braden Hamlin-Uele
11. Briton Nikora
12. Wade Graham
13. Dale Finucane
14. Teig Wilton
15. Cameron McInnes
16. Aiden Tolman
17. Jesse Colquhoun

Sharks team news:

Matt Moylan (quad), Siosifa Talakai (shoulder) and Connor Tracey (head knock) are all scheduled to return this weekend.

Toby Rudolf (knee) looks set to miss at least a fortnight with an injury he suffered against the Tigers.


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Who gives a S%%t

Until the players start showing something there is nothing to support or go about watching.

That sharks squad will put 50 + on our lazy bunch of players.
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Just received my "MOSH Health Report".

Paseka and Keppie still out, Harper coming along well but a decision made later in the week.

So does Burbo get another run in the centres?

Surely KDL and Fulton come in....


UFO Hunter
Des will pick the closest team to the regular that he can. Even with the year done and dusted he wont blood anyone new and he wont give the lesser names more time. Been like that since 04. He'll stick with what we know and still wont use the bench.

If he does this week then blow me down but it'll require one almighty change of behaviour.

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