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and my two words to that suggestion NO WAY

The man is political dyanamite, he manages to leave clubs in ruins. This club suffers enough from political influences, Anderson would be the Pauline Hanson of Manly.

Have to agree Corso. But there must be someone out there with more nowse!


Journey Man
Yeah - Andersons countless years experience + taking teams to grand finals + 67% success rate is MUCH better then our Des.

What is Des's win / loss ratio again? around 30 odd percent isn't it?

Add to that the clubs 5 worst losses in all time history.

Good call Corso.

Anderson would make the ruthless decisions needed. Hasler is Delmeges puppet - hence - Monaghan.


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good call Ryan about Hasler being Delmeges puppet.

I guess that is why he told him to butt out of the clubs day to day running.

other coaches who would do a better job than anderson in my view. he would be a disaster!!!


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I'd take any Anderson. Daniel would do. We need someone who isn't adverse to change a losing formula. That's all.


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Lets see what happens with Orford next year. Any action at the moment would be purely knee-jerk, that's what Souths do.


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Daniel does seem to be a decent coach. Much prefer him to Chris.

However I want to see what Des can do with some decent cattle before I call for his head.

It know we had a record loss last weekend however I think it is a bit much to be calling for his head after it. Fair enough if he has been questioned all season however I have not seen it around till Sunday, amazing what 80 minutes can do. Albeit a very painful 80 minutes.


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The woest part for me Garts is that Des Hasler has lead this team to its 5 biggest defeats ever in a two year period. That aint cool.

I say there is disharmony within the team / coaching staff. The players don't want to seem to play for Des Hasler. He seems to inspire them to un inspire.

Sorry about being so harsh c_eagle mate...but the shielding of the players after that loss is disgraceful.

They should have to get up in front of averyone & induvidually hold that management accountability measure of saying what they will do:-


in the next game. That way we ALL know about it. Then, if it doesn't happen, pay is docked, or it's just bye bye. And that's from Steppa to Kennedy. Everyone is the same.

I actually think Kennedy is being pedastalled too much. To me he look tired mentaly & tired physically.


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agree it is not good Ryan. what I take into consideration is that Des had a big cleanout when he took over, it was almost a new squad for 2004. I would have liked to see us perform better but in reality these things take time, instant success was never going to happen and if anyone expected it can send whatever they are on my way.

Although it is disappointing how we are travelling I can also see positives for the future.

As far as what I think of Des as a coach, well ask me next year and I should have more of an opinion on it. Do you believe any other coach would have us sitting better on the ladder?


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If Wayne Bennett coached us....yes.

Remember - Des's additional coaching staff consists of Blocker Roach. He doesn't even turn up at the games. So I also blame his additional staff.

The players have been given the BEST training facilities, medical teams, support in the NRL. It comes down to Des inspiring improved performances week in week out from his players.

I just see us going backwards is all.

If we lose the next two games (very possible outcome), we finfish the year 10th - 11th and wining 1 from 11.

That's not good leading into next year.

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Geez I hate people who dig up old threads, but at the rate they are being merged I dare not start a new thread.

This one is an interesting read anyway, and it talks about sacking Des, keeping Des, the board and all sorts of fun topics.

Maybe nothing has changed.

The Eagle

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We lost this season by ****ing Mona's around, he was the captain and we wanted to scrooge him, hope he comes home one day in the stranger role

bob dylan

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The Eagle said:
We lost this season by f**king Mona's around, he was the captain and we wanted to scrooge him, hope he comes home one day in the stranger role

He has just arrived as Belmore2011.

the mauler

After reading all those posts we should be celebrating Dessies departure, not mourning it.
Amazing what has happened since that thread began. Des has gone from chump 2 champ. Interestingly no one was tipping Des to be a success.


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I remember this one. I think I also remember Ryan saying we needed a CEO like Osborne at one stage when we first hired Lowe. Another good call :)

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