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there are 2 ways to go here.attempt to groom someone like des or toovey and pay them 100-150k or recruit a sheens,bennett,ryan type character and pay 500k.bennett is reportedly paid 600-700k.even though this cash is not part of cap it still has to be found.

anyone who thinks des's paypacket wasnt a big part of him getting the gig originally is kidding themselves.add to that manly's traditional love of looking after their own.

2 choices

persist with des or someone of his ilk and see if he improves or pay the big bucks for a proven performer.i dont know the answer but i think des needs one more year with a competent playmaker before being discarded.you must be strong in 1,6,7,9 to be a force.except for the one we have reserve graders in those positions.

bananas dont have bones:never hang mince on hooks.


UFO Hunter
When we were sitting a top the table, midway through the season, nobody was calling for his head. Now that there is a problem, everyone says its time to go........ des.

We have to wonder to ourselves about teams who go through coach changes. One week they get smashed, they get a new coach... and alas, the problem is solved. THEY WIN. But only for a week. When the start losing again. When a team travels well, the players get credit. Whent he team travels badly, the coach is blamed.

Your right on sticking with him for another year. I think to add to your suggestion, manly need to pick up an experienced 'backs' coach to assist des.

But, if like you say, he can't compete with the additions of Orford and Bell. We may need to look at alternatives.
Agree totally - Des got the job on a financial & loyalty package and as said I would like to see him judged on his 2006 season

When people speak of "super coaches" (not having a go here Sue). If you look at the playing rosters these coaches have at their disposal well they should be making the finals every year. The last coach I recall who took a team of lesser lights to a grand final was Ryan with Newtown in 1981 and even if you glance through that team there was a lot of future talent amongst them.
i agree totally u.p. if sheens does it this year it will be first since newtown.i would say though that these carreer coaches may be an advantage with a young side.very difficult with no experience in iether role.


Journey Man
It takes 1/2 a season to be able to as a coach get the best out of your players. Not 3 years. It's attitude & poor decision by Des Hasler that has lead to this disgusting slump & nothing more.

Look at The Rabbits. 3 months under a REAL coach & look at what is happenning. Their Roster is not better than ours.

Michael Hagan still has a very, very depleted roster. BUT, he after 3 months of pain, is getting the best out of his players.

Brian Smith this year, and last year had a very new looking team each time. Each time they had poor starts, and finished strong, because he gets the best out of his players.

Des Hasler does the opposite. They start off fired up, but seem to lose intensity, and we attract record loss after record loss. Our season has become worse then it has begun.

Penrith are getting better.

The Roosters are getting better again.

The Sharks are getting better (2 from 3 wins).

I personally think we should get Chris Anderson to coach this club. He makes hard decisions, even when it's not wanted by a lot like making sure Monaghan isn't our 1/2 back.

Des Hasler shields (a term portrayed in the media) his players after they are made to look like children on the park. He is upbeat after we lose consistently. He shrugs his shoulders when questioned about the game versus Cronulla.

Sorry - I don't think he will ever be a good coach. He doesn't lift his players, he acts in a manner that makes them believe mediocrity will be tolerated. You all know examples of this.


If we get Chris Anderson as coach then his love child Brett Kimmorley would want to play for him again.

Then we would have BK1, BK2 and BK3.


Journey Man
NEVER that again...Please Tooks...take that foul language off this site !!! HeHeHe.


First Grader
I think Dessie is the problem, 1 win 8 losses. Tell me thats top stuff.

The team was ready to go early on when the other clubs caught up in enphusiasm and strength we get slaughtered. He should seriously consider his possition.

If the club is serious they'll need to bite the bullet and get a pro!

Stuey Davis’s Socks

Premium Member
Tipping Member
The club has dramatically improved its off-field status through shrewd administrative appointments of non-Manly aligned people. There is no reason why they shouldn't consider doing thesame with the coach. It is a business after all.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Ryan, you have flipped your lid!!! Have you ever coached? Have you ever played in a top level team? This comes across as hysteria? Sure enough to be mad about an ugly loss but to suddenly point the finger at Des is carrying on like a lunatic.

Is Ricky Stuart a crap coach because the Roosters haven't even won a chook raffle in the year? Are the Dogs punting Folkes to Coffs Harbour and the Knights shoving Hagan off Little Nobbys??? Is John Lang getting thrown off the 3rd Sister? They all have better rosters than us, they all had higher expectations and all experts tipped them to run in the top 4. We were tipped to come last!!! Why are their fans not in hysterics?

None of them will be dumped because those in the know have some perspective on the matter - something sorely needed in this debate.

Des' coaching ability did not fly out the window 10 weeks ago suddenly. He didn't lose the second half of the season Coach Handbook. Coaching is a lot more than a spanking in the sheds or a rant and rave about Passion in the jersey. This is the hardest comp in the world and these blokes are battered and bruised each week.

Give Des some go forward, a decent 7 who doesn't run in concentric circles under pressure, give us a hooker who doesn't lose sprint races to snails and won't use moves telegraphed in last weeks news, give us a five-eighth who can pass and threaten the line and give us an inside back capable of breaking the line and we will do a lot better.

Also give us some perspective as to the whole season. For a pessemist who claimed we would come 10th you ought to have expected this rather than just suddenly decided to shoot the coach.

On the criteria you are using Des was a genius coach last year as Manly were crap, won 6 of their last nine and were sensational early this year. Then Des lost his coaching ability and can't coach at all. :wall: :wall: :wall:
I hardly think punting a coach you have just signed to a 3 year deal would be a shrewd administrative tactic and again given our roster (other than Souths) arguably the worst in the comp he has done well for a coach in his 2nd year of 1st grade


First Grader
So you think its dandy weve lost 8 from 9? including another record loss.

Can you explain hoe the players had no change in attitude after the first half last week. You cant tell me that most of the team had an "off day"

Why is king still playing instead of Hecks?

Stuey Davis’s Socks

Premium Member
Tipping Member
I hardly think punting a coach you have just signed to a 3 year deal would be a shrewd administrative tactic and again given our roster (other than Souths) arguably the worst in the comp he has done well for a coach in his 2nd year of 1st grade

UP - I didn't put a timeframe on it, only suggested that the club shouldn't have a blinkered view when appointing a coach

Canteen Worker

First Grader
[quote author=Utility Player]
I hardly think punting a coach you have just signed to a 3 year deal would be a shrewd administrative tactic and again given our roster (other than Souths) arguably the worst in the comp he has done well for a coach in his 2nd year of 1st grade

UP - I didn't put a timeframe on it, only suggested that the club shouldn't have a blinkered view when appointing a coach
Which is what I am trying to say above.

Noone likes losing 8 out of 9 Byso but do you think Des is happily accepting the fact and laughing it all off?? In the end the players are the ones who run onto the field and do the job. A coach who panics or rants and raves isn't successful long term. Coaching is like building a boat and putting together one bit at a time. Our problem is that we were hyped up by the media when were really weren't that good. There is also a group of selectors that work with Des, an assistant coach and a panel of people who work together to get the best out of this team.

The same blokes ranting and raving here are the ones who had a us intergalactic champions after the win against the Broncos.


Winging it
Peter Sharp failed to get the team up for the huge game that mattered against the Panthers in 2002. In many ways last weekend was a similiar test that we failed miserably. I have never forgiven Sharpie for not getting the players focussed for that game. I will forgive Des, but it shows me that he doesn't possibly have what it takes. Certainly not yet.


Journey Man
It was a poor move to sign him for 3 more years - 12 months more is what he should ahve recieved with a review based on next year. If there is something better out there we need it - he is in the same catagory as the players and hence loyalty should only go so far - if you want the best you have to pay for it.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Who do you think should be coaching Manly instead of Des? Tooves has been suggested but don't forget that Des played with the same level of commitment and enthusiasm as Tooves. A lot more to coaching than revving up players (Tooves does this as runner already).


First Grader
I think both of them aren't adequate for NRL.

Look, We can only hope we win the next 2 games and all will probably be forgotten.

Remember many weeks ago at the coach's meeting with fans it was suggested that we "overachieved" by the coaching staff?

What would you call the last 11 weeks

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