For the original question.

I don't know who, somebody who will come in and say it's my way or the highway to the players and admin, and bring discipline and instant respect. To make it simpler, a bastard.

Whatever happens, no more "jobs for the boys" please.
Byso you have every reason to question Dessies ability but you seem to have made him your scapegoat.

In my opinion everything is not Dessies fault, there seem to have been a range of factors that contributed to the teams end of season form. Blaming Des is the easy option!!!
as I said there would be many factors, and yes Monnas is one of those factors. that being the whole monasgate saga and his lack of abilities in certain areas.

I am not foolish enough to blame only Monas or only Dessie ;)
Bugger it the Coach is expected to keep every thing together. He failed to do so. He failed.

Yes some players let him down, but he failed to keep them focused, there intensity dropped and they became a leaderless rabble.

It was almost like when he knew he had Orford 2006 couldn't come quick enough.
At the start of the year we thought our team was better than the tigers.

We thought our cattle could outplay theirs.

We have coaching staff that can get the players fit, but there seems to be no higher end coaching - such as skill, set plays, game plans.

And to say he had no cattle to replace players with is a farce. Bryant and burns spring to mind. Cuthbo was never tested. Mullane was going well in the centres as well. There was plenty of opportunity to blood players as a minimum - which would only improve depth for this year IF thats what he was playing for.

Des is far from the only one to blame - blocker, manly's media, and plenty others have let the club down, but in the end the buck stops with Des.

How many games did we start asleep because the coach didnt have us fired up??
Well I know I do - Geeze he took a team that almost got the spoon to the top 8 with the addition of 2 players and a stop gap 5/8. Can we just give him a go with a quality playmaker and then make judgement on his ability as a coach
Yeah we can do that.

But its very hard to ignore the "overachieved" debacle of the last 12 weeks.
obviously the coaching staff did not think Cuthbo was ready, same with Burns (although he was given 1 shot). no point throwing them in at the deep end and having there confidence shot. remember the 2 mentioned were only in Flegg the previous season.

next season we will see what Dessie is made of, I cant wait.
I think the fact that our coach can have the balls to make a decision that would see one of the clubs greats snub us for norths, is a credit to Des.

At least give him a year. We all moan about not having quality in all positions and even some having no talent at all. Then we criticise the coach for making the 8 with a side that we've all already admited to as being far from perfect.

Guys, at least give Des 2006 with a top shelf half and awsome centre. Pass judgment at the end of next season when we have completed a season with a very competative side... on paper at least.
You must really think the world of sheens then since Des is a hero just making the 8, sheens got the big one with a team worse than ours
it was common knowledge Sheens had the most talented juniors from all teams running around, just most thought it would take a season or 2 longer for them to mature.
It's a coaches job to get the best out of his players. If he can't - he isn't doing his job. Full stop.
Time is a wonderful thing.

CW fails to mention how diabolical we looked after being in such a fine position midway through the season when the coaching staff started mentioning "over achievement"
howcome you were one of the first to defend Monas from copping all the blame for losses yet are first to blame Dessie for all our shortcomings?

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