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First Grader
What current NRL coach do you think would make Manly a successful GF winning club again?

Or are you happy with Dessie's "over achievement" of 2005 and as he will win us a comp soon enough.

Chip and Chase

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For a coach to be successful he needs the full support of the admin of the club. If you assume that the coach is at the wheel of your premiership drive than he needs to be given final say in team recruitment and selection, without interference from administration or sponsors. Conversely the coach must than live or die by his sword.

You can see the success that the Tigers have had, and also the Swans with their "no d*ckhead" policy.

I think that most of the coaches running around would be reasonably successful if they had the right cattle. However stand outs for mine are Bennett, Hagan and Stuart, with Bellamy, Elliot and, given more time, Brown on the second tier. Sheens has obviously had a good year but he was in the wilderness for a long time prior to that.

I think Dessie needs more time to grow into the role and build a team that he wants. It's like most things, experience is invaluable so as long as he learns from this year and improves than we need to support him. It took Sheens a couple of years to turn the Tigers around. I really don't think that any other coach would have taken us much further than we got this year given the quality of our line up.


We need a coach to be able to bring the best out of players. I don't consider that dessie did that this year. Next year is going to be vital for his future coaching prospects because he needs to show that he has learnt from this years mistakes.

A coach with grand final winning experience is essential and Sheens would best fit the bill at the moment although I doubt that the tigers will be letting him go soon.

Murray would also be good and I wonder how sucessful the northern eagles would have been if he had got the job over Sharp.

I know that I will probably get a bagging for this but Brian Smith might also be good for the club because of what he does for a club in relation to acquiring depth in the lower grades.

Jack Gibson always said that winning a premiership starts in the front office and I have my doubts as to how effective ours is at the monent.


Reserve Grader
Let's put the knives away and give Des our full support for 2006.If Manly aren't Top 4 or 6next season then Des can be questioned over his coaching.I believe we should be a Top 4 side next year,but our lackof depth does worry me.


UFO Hunter
To be honest, I had no problem with him when we were on our winning streak. So, why have a probem when we start to lose, obviously he has it in him to coach a successful team and has proven that this year.

I sometimes question his ability to make neccissary changes but then I'm in no position to fully understand the situation he may be in.

Ill give him this year, but if we fail to make a bigger impact with the inclusion of Orford and Bell, I wont be happy.


Journey Man
Once we started to lose we saw under 9 coaching - just run out the same team week after week.

Did we see tactics, game plans - No

Thats why we have to wonder

As it stands now i think many coaches could have done a lot better.

The question is - did Des lack faith in his players and not have the balls to make the calls needed??

If yes then next year we should see a better performance out of him - if no then we are in trouble as thats the best he has got


Reserve Grader
With the rift between Ricky Stuart and Phil Gould at Easts, what about about bringing Gould over to Manly to help out Dessie... plenty of experience there? Surely would be better than Steve "I'm a Tiger" Roach as a defensive coach.


First Grader
Instead we would get an "i'm a Rooster" in Gould.

He also has far to many media commitments.

We need a full timer not a media celeb.


Reserve Grader
Isn't Gould a "Show me the money and I'll follow you anywhere" type of guy....He was a Panther, then a Bulldog (probably had to leave because he didn't have a criminal record) then Easts and NSW?


First Grader
I just don't think he would work, to many media commitments.

The bulldog comment was GOLD :)

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Des is the man! You want someone who bleeds maroon and white - you've got him. Give him some cattle and let's see what we can do.

Coaches aren't born overnight and 2006 is his make or break year. I am told that Dessie is meticulous in his preparation and goes to extraordinary lengths to prepare the side. Just get rid of a few of our lepers and make sure we have a good 7, 9, 1 and a few forwards with ticker.


Agreed CW- after thinking about it I think I may have been a bit harsh on Des.
It's hard to make changes if you don't have the players to do so- I suppose we'll have to see how things go this year as there is no doubting Dessies commitment to the club.


UFO Hunter
After such a ****e end to the season we still made the 8. I didn't notice to too much at the time but that was an unbelievable start to a season. The best start infact, that I have seen since 97. And thats something to look forward too. Did a bad coach manage this?

Lets just all focus on the end of the season and blame the coach hey? Someone remind me what date the Monasgate saga started?


First Grader
I cant believe the ****e sandwiches that's being served up here.

Dessie couldn't keep the team focused. After they started being talked up in the papers, Monasgate. A couple of injuries. The team ran around like cows with no game plan. In the lean period. They simply had know idea.

Surely a coach would have some impact on the debacle.

Also Monasgate was partly caused by Dessies poor handling on that situation as well, for goodness sakes how could you allow one player to carry on like such a tool. Did he have NO control at all.
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