Serously though byso, do you honestly think that a coach is directly responsible for a players lazy effort on field?

Im going to take this out of context a little but its almost as bad as blaming a coach for a players off field problems. Should Ricky Stuart be blamed for Michael Crocker nocking someones head off in a night club? Because he is in control of his players? No matter how good a coach is, sometimes you just can't stop lazyness and bad form.
Monas is the leader on the field in the capacity of half and team captain. Did he look like he was leading? Was he organising the players and trying to inspire them?

Did it also occur that the players did not stick to the game plan? It is possible.

I bet if we had of won these 3 close games Dessie would not be mentioned as the problem by yourself, Penrith (Donald Catches the Ball), Cowboys (we do not make that knock on in the final minute) and Warriors (a tackle is made on Jones). Dessie can not control these sort of things!!!
Yep, I can pay that one but for starters you conveniently missed out the Souths, Cronulla and Parra games
I left those out as they did not form any part of my arguement. also remember every team copped a flogging or 2 during the season, albeit the Sharkies one was disgraceful.

what I was saying was if we won those 3 games I doubt very much you would be questioning Dessie when the only difference for the entire season is 3 less errors. but in your eyes Dessie would probably be a hero for guiding us to the top 4.
Champ, we looked diabolical in many games. Simple.

we should have been in the top 4 after many teams helped us fall into the top 8.
I am not disputing that fact, you cant as we did look terrible.

all I am saying it is not all Dessies fault, there were many other factors in play and I believe it would be foolish to write him of as a coach just yet.
fair enough, just giving fodder for thought.

I hope he stays and succeeds but with all the emphasis on Monas poor form I also think Dessie should be held accountable, he isn't untouchable you know.
he is far from untouchable and if we see some of the performances of this season repeated in 06 he will be on borrowed time.

especially if we are running round in attack with no idea after purchasing Orford and Bell.
lol I thought we said the same after 2004 :)

If attack doesn't improve with Orford, we will need Max to get on the phone again ;)
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14 8 6 -71 18
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13 6 7 -33 16
14 7 7 -47 16
12 6 6 -66 16
12 5 6 -26 15
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