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Yup, he be a liar.

1. GST (He said He'd NEVER bring it in...)
2. Kiddies overboard (He knew... the PM is ALWAYS told... I have friends working in the departments in Parliament House)
3. Interest rates. Do you not remember the campaign?

Someone should sue for misleading advertising!!!
I wouldnt be suprised if Labor's campaign next election is just all of the lies that Howard has sprouted over the years.
That would be nice.

He used to be called 'Honest John'... just cause he was a big bloody liar...
You guys and gals are just to funny! :lol: :lol: :lol:


[size=24:03a46ddb5c]"I'm Excited"[/size:03a46ddb5c]
Yeah, typical larbour. Sprout everyone elses short fallings because you have no ideas of your own.
You guys and gals are just to funny! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Is that John Howard standing with Big Kev?

Or his dodgy brother who Johnny changed the laws for so he wouldn't be obligated to make employee pay-outs when his business inevitably went bung?
Good one Mata...

Before you have a go at labor supporters... have a look at the personal credentials of Howard...

Lying little cheat.

Someone that embodies the phrase "Right bloody bastard"

I mean, I would stick up for my family... but changing the laws... not good. How about when he mis used oublic funds to pay his son to spam voters???

There should be a topic about all the horrid things he's done. That could keep us going for years!!
Then put one up, knock yourself out. I'm sure theres many crap things the libs have done.

I'm sure we would have been in good shape under a Latham gov't :lol: :lol:
One thing you don't usually read about the Libs is the Labor penchant for criminals attempting to stack branches and councils, and when that doesn't work resorting to a bit of serious biffo. I enjoy some verbal head-butting like Keating used to do but I think Mark was more for the literal 'extending the fist of friendship'.

A good reason for getting close and on the inside with Johnny is you won't die poor after all the handouts have finished.
True MB, but branch stacking happens in both parties.

A lot of libs dont like costello because he is liberal left - and beazley is labor right. Their ideals are not too far apart as individuals.

Howard and Latham on the other hand are complete opposites.
Ok.. the labor policy is that what goes on in the party is on for public view...

That is one of the founding ideals... it is a PUBLIC party. Therefore, it's all on show. They could hide it all... but then, it just wouldn't be public eh?
In fact, anyone can turn up to a meeting.

The libs don't even hold meetings. If if you think stacking and crims aren't involved in ALL politics... you have got to be kidding.

Latham is most definately Labor left. The economic policies are rather similar on both sides. What was different was Latham's ideas with the environment - protecting old growth and becoming a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol. Which, if you actually read is, is not as strenuous as the Libs make it out to be. We wouldn't have to cut much. The problem is, it;s industry that will have to develop methods of controlling pollution. And they don't want to do that.

Well, at least under Latham our public schools would be a HELL of alot better. Cause did you know that PLC Croydon(Private) gets more funding than Burwood Girls(Public)? PLC was actually going to buy Ashfield Pool!! Yes, they have that much money. AND they get lots of cash from parents. Why on earth should they get MORE funding than a school that actually kicks their butt in the HSC, but which has much fewer resources?
General question which still realtes to the topic. I was just wondering which party was in charge when the decision was made to help america in Vietnam?
Liberals were in power at the start of Vietnam. Gough Whitlam won in 72 and his first act was to end conscription and allow those who refused to serve, get out of gaol!
You don't have a problem with howard to you CW. You have a problem with the liberal party in general and I doubt you would like the liberals if Latham was the party leader.
Flip - I don't like Howard personally - he was my local member for years and I remember him as the most ordinary Treasurer ever. He is persistent and an opportunist who has taken the luck provided by the reforms in the Hawke/Keating era, along with a world-wide economic boom and made the most of it. (See the Herald comments this week on this.)

What I struggle with is his pretense of honesty - his ministerial code of conduct has been a joke, and he protects the Tuckeys, Entches etc of this world whose agendas are narrow. I also despise that the racist, redneck right of this country (Hanson etc) has infiltrated back into the Libs due to political expediency. The children overboard, Iraq situation, asylum seeker, dogs on the wharves approach to reform and government appals me and it is going to get much worse with control of the Senate.

Whilst many of us are well off, we are not a more caring, more compassionate, socially or environmentally responsible country and I fear our social and moral agenda (disguised as Christian and 1950s style) is becoming more materialistic, sefish, greedy and morally bankrupt - the rich are getting richer, the poor are struggling and the disadvantaged in our society are more and more marginalised.

I am hoping for an effective opposition but not holding my breath!

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