Byso - please explain?

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Not just tests... It is for research to detect signs of diabetes early... mainly with how your eyes respond and how your heart is going....

CW... I agree. both parties really are horrid. But Labor is the lesser of 2 evils

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Well argued Hopium but you are hitting a brick wall with Byso. He is permanently blind on this one - save your time unless you need the typing practice!!


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Ok I'll stop arguing.

But I wish I could also stop paying tax to benefit those who don't think they need the public benefits that Labor endorses.

I'll also let you know something else, Byso... I am fighting for your child's health benefits, their ability to recieve good schooling and to afford to go to uni. I don't want any child to be in debt, or be unable to afford healthcare or an education as swish as that available to the rich.

Because I tell you what, I WILL be able to afford that for any child I will have.

I don't need to campaign for any sort of subsidised healthcare or uni. You see, I have 1 year to go and I'm going to be a solicitor. :lol:


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****, i'm a drafty we do OK :wink: .....big deal if your a solicitor. You may of well told me you were gunna be a car salesman :wink: :p

But good luck anyhow!


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I don't think you realise quite how much uni is going to cost... Depends on the degree but... anything useful... at least 50,000 (I've got about 30,000 left on HECS... I paid off some too)

And then there is the education beofre that... Let's say an average private school... what is it again? 2 grand a semester?

And healthcare? If it becomes anything like the USA... ppl mortgage their house to pay off hospital bills. So you'd better hope your kiddie doesn't get sick. Ever.

I'm going to be one of the people earning enough and I am currently living with an engineer... we'll be rather comfy.

Oh, I'm sorry... I just said solicitor. Maybe I should clarify that... I seem to be specialising in strata law. There is a rather large amount to be made there if you are ruthless enough... :twisted:

I'd also hope that after 5 years of study I'd never be compared to a car salesman. Yes, lawyers are generally rats. But I think you'll find I fight for the underdog. One BIG reason I'll never vote Liberal.

I'm just poor cause alot of my money and time goes to charities.


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Geez I sound pompous...

Anyways, excuse me for that. I just thought I'd brinmg it up because people think solicitors generally vote liberal because the lowest wage for someone doing law, about 5 years in is 70-80 grand. That is as a solicitor. If I go another track I can make a hell of alot more...

Anyways, most don't vote lib at all!!


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So why go to Uni only to earn that much :wink:

Somehow the little byso family will do OK no matter what dire things will happen (that you suggest). I think you should go to the Labor site to read more propaganda. Just to make you feel smarter than the rest of "dumb Australia" that voted liberal.

HECS has been around for years, you're no Robinson Crusoe. Even during the Labor years.


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I don't go for everything labor says... I just go for more than what the libs say. You reckon I don't read everything?? If you think I just read labor nonsense then you are kidding yourself. I know it's propaganda... but I have read their budget statements as well. I like them better.

And let me think... oh, it was labor that brough it FREE education... and FREE healthcare and state run facilities. Funny that.

If I become a total non-caring bitch I could earn a hell of a lot more than that. Unfortunately I do not have the same attitude of selfishness.

And why go to uni? Well, some go to assign their minds to the one subject. Others, to learn anything they can. Uni is where dissent starts... Where people question why/how we live our lives.

You reckon you'll be ok? Then stop using medicare and don't you even think about sending your kids to a public school... oh, and pay full fees on their degrees, yes? We shall then see how tough it is for you.

Hey, I get cut up about this. Mainly cause I'm all about a fair go for all. And I fight for it. I have spent so many hours working for charities providing health, education and environmental improvements. I take offence that people take so much for granted and don't care about those trying to break through to a better life, or those trying to give something back to the community or those that just don't have the money to reach their full potential.

I did law to help people. I also want to help that which cannot speak. The Libs are against just about everything I stand for. True, interest rates do not yet concern me. But now we are benefitting from reforms introduced by labor.


UFO Hunter
I consider myself blind on this matter. I can't 'see' labour in government no matter how hard I try!


First Grader
Hopium.....Nice story and very noble.

I'm just a prick with no heart!

and an idiot as well because I have the hide to vote liberal and didn't go to UNI to learn how to "question why/how we live our lives". ......please!


Reserve Grader
Do you choose to learn? What do you study? Have you read both the Lib & Labor budget? What do you read at home? Are you involved with politics? Who do you volunteer for? Where have you sent your charity dollars? Which politicians do you know? What do you know of our constitutions? Do you know how the voting system works? Where did Australian charity (and essentially, culture) originate? How does inflation, persnal debt and world economy interact with interest rates? What is the average household earning?


No not an idiot cause you have to hide b/c you vote Lib...

An idiot cause you haven't looked at everything yet. You haven't read it all, nor have you bothered to see how it all works and changes.

Or you could take the easy way out and spend 2 years studing Australian government, and another one doing world government and then you could do constitutional law and private/public international law and economics... And hey, all the stuff I've studied!

Then of course you could take time to acquaint yourself with the materials from both sides, smaller parties and independents.

Then get back to me, eh?


UFO Hunter
I am getting so tired or this endless back and forwards battle which will go on forever without change until the labour party is forced to fold due to lack of support.

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