A Poll on the name of the supporter group Name ~please vote

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Going thru the Pick a name then thread On MSE for the supporter group these are all the suggested names,
In no particular order

Soaring Eagle Army
Eagles nest
birds of prey
the Talons
The Eagles Squadron
The Eagles Claw
Eagle Flyers
The Eagle Armada
The Manly Wave
Brookie brigade
Mighty Manly Army
The Manly Supporter Team
The Manly Barracking Team.
Maroon & White Brigade
Flock of Eagles Crew
Manly silvertailed whitestriped Rockers

Go to the link and vote for which one you prefer
Click the link below to vote


I like the Mighty Manly Army.
You could sing that out in the same tune as the Barmy Barmy Army and would sound great in one large voice.
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What's this all about?
It was proposed, after the St G semi, that Manly should have an official supporters group similar to the Red V club.

Discussion on this matter was raised here, on MSE, WSS and I suppose other Manly forums. Main focus seems to be on ground day support as akin to internet forum stupidity. The Club is running with the idea and would like to bolster support. They are proposing a round table conference and then a possible launch of a supporter group that would make a bit of noise at games and promote game day support.

There is a separate forum for this matter on MSE. I am sure that many posters on this site have constructive ideas to put to the formation of such a group.


Kim Jong Dan
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all lame. Silvrtails is the best and most suited nme for a supporters group. If the club approached me i would be open to negotiations for givig it up
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Agree with Dan - Silvertails is the obvious choice if a few people in admin could swallow their pride.

The Matabeles would be a very marketable alternative. ;)
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Eagles nest 20% 4

Mighty Manly Army 20% 4

birds of prey 15% 3

The Eagles Squadron 15% 3

The Eagle Armada 10% 2

Maroon & White Brigade 10% 2

the Talons 5% 1

Brookie brigade 5% 1

Soaring Eagle Army 0% 0

The Eagles Claw 0% 0

Eagle Flyers 0% 0

The Manly Wave 0% 0

The Manly Supporter Team 0% 0

The Manly Barracking Team. 0% 0

Flock of Eagles Crew 0% 0

Manly silvertailed whitestriped Rockers 0% 0

total votes: 20
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Must admit that some of those are gay.

Sea eagle Army. I guess.

But the army thing is a bit stupid as well imo.
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army shmarmy, what militaristic rubish is this? smacks of Johnny Howard, Iraq and all that other bull****e. We'll have the bulldogs infitada next. my suggestion, 'what's this all about' is terrific. we could all sing the song, remember alfie guys, what's this all about ...Jamie? or what's this all about ...BK? Go with it guys, vote nihilist today.


Kim Jong Dan
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Eagles Nest -> umm that would only work at brookie or to describe the place they gather

Mighty manly army??? please, why don't we call our selves the "Dragons Army"

Are there no original ideas left?

Like I say "The Silvertails" is the best supporters name and many a person agrees from other clubs.
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Agree with the Army comments, just sounds like copying of the other groups

If you want an army type feel Squadron would be a better idea

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