2015 Last Fan Standing Comp

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Pick One Team That Will Win in Round 26

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Chip and Chase

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"Earnie The Eagle"

Last Fan Standing Comp

Proudly sponsored by the MWRLFC


- The Football Club -

Visit the Football Club website for more info and show your support by signing up to become a member - Click here for Football Club website

1st Prize: Replica 2013 Manly Grand Final Jersey - signed by Daly Cherry-Evans


* You must be a paid up member to enter
* You can only pick one team from the nominated list each week
* You cannot pick the same team in two consecutive rounds.
* If you fail to enter a tip you will be eliminated
* The poll will be locked on Friday evening prior to kick off in the first game of the round.
* Once you enter your choice you CANNOT change it. Therefore choose wisely as you cannot have a last minute change of heart.
* If your nominated team loses then you are eliminated
* Drawn games are considered a "win" for both teams
* We reserve the right to further limit the choice of games if need be to determine a winner.

Eligible teams for the current round of tipping will be listed in the poll above. Please choose one team and don't forget to save your choice. Once the poll is locked the results will become public so everyone can see who has tipped what team. It is your responsibility to ensure your vote is successfully lodged, no correspondence will be entered into after the fact. The poll will be updated week by week with the eligible choices from each round of the NRL.

Good luck to all who enter. May you do Earnie proud and stand tall for as long as you can, and remember.........there can be only one

The following users are paid up members of the Silvertails tipping comps and hence are eligible to enter the LFS competition. This post will be updated on a regular basis to track progress through the competition for each user.

Still Standing

@Frank - Sea Eagles, Broncos, Bulldogs, Storm
@tookey - Bulldogs, Broncos, Bulldogs, Storm

Eliminated Week 4

@bones - Sea Eagles, Broncos, Roosters, Sea Eagles,

Eliminated Week 3

@bob dylan - Sea Eagles, Broncos, Raiders,
@Boofhead - Sea Eagles, Broncos, Raiders,
@Chip and Chase - Dragons, Broncos, Raiders,
@EagleBoi13 - Sea Eagles, Broncos, Raiders,
@mjb136 - Bulldogs, Sea Eagles, Panthers,
@SeaEagleRock8 - Sea Eagles, Broncos, Panthers,

Eliminated Week 2

@anthonyb1965 - Sea Eagles, No Entry,
@HappilyManly - Sea Eagles, Cronulla,
@Wombat Legacy - Sea Eagles, No Entry

Eliminated Week 1

@ABTK - No Entry
@ALinda - Broncos
@Andrew.. - Broncos
@AshfieldBazza - Broncos
@BOZO - No Entry
@Bradza - Broncos
@Brookie Brawler - Panthers
@Budgewoi Eagle - Broncos
@castle eagle - Cowboys
@chouncey - Broncos
@Cliffy's Is god - No Entry
@Clint - Panthers
@Corso_Pete - No Entry
@Dan - No Entry
@davohan123 - Broncos
@dowdz - Broncos
@eagle66 - Broncos
@EagleFromMay1967 - No Entry
@EagleGirl1963 - No Entry
@Eagleheart - Broncos
@Eagles2nv - Broncos
@effnic - Broncos
@Fibro Eagle - Broncos
@globaleagle - Cowboys
@Growler FNQ - No Entry
@Hamster Huey - Rabbits
@Ian Martin tragic - No Entry
@Jethro - No Entry
@Jock - No Entry
@Kiwi Eagle - Broncos
@Lansim - No Entry
@lsz - Warriors
@lulubelle - No Entry
@lurker - No Entry
@Lyon King - No Entry
@Mals - Broncos
@Manly To Win! - Broncos
@ManlyArmy - Broncos
@ManlyBacker - Cowboys
@ManlyMit - Panthers
@marga - No Entry
@mickqld - No Entry
@Moondog - Cowboys
@niccipops - No Entry
@OneEyedEagle - Cowboys
@panash - No Entry
@Pommie Eagle - Warriors
@rifraff - Broncos
@robbiea - Cowboys
@Roger - Broncos
@Rosko - No Entry
@seaeagledave - Panthers
@Shaka1eye - No Entry
@shawn.b - Warriors
@shazza - Warriors
@sheridanstand78 - No Entry
@ssar - Broncos
@Stiffi - Cowboys
@StuBoot - Broncos
@the mauler - Panthers
@The Mid Dog - Broncos
@The Wombat - Rabbits
@TWO DOGS - Warriors
@tystedman - No Entry
@Vyssini - Broncos
@webby66 - Panthers
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just for the record C&C... you suck!! :p tough round first up mate. No easing into this comp.


First Grader
Staff member
So i thought I would pick the storm or roosters but then i checked the list....


Tipping Member
So i thought I would pick the storm or roosters but then i checked the list....
That was my thought as well.
After the hiding we gave the Broncos surely they will win at home against the dogs.


Reserve Grader
thanks for a great tipping comp guys! good fun

I'd be so so so stoked to win that signed Jersey!!!

GO MANLY!! Destroy those bunnies..

Chip and Chase

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I've changed my mind about 30 times already today on who to pick.

Chip and Chase

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Tip is done, followed by immediate regret.

So far 56 votes in (not sure if they are all valid tipping comp members until I lock the poll)

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