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    • Andrew..
      Going to need a lot better run on the injury front and some resultant continuity and stability trying to have the best players available...
    • Andrew..
      Several current individuals still on the improve, notably Sipley, Paseka, Bull up front. Burbo, Koula. Not hard to imagine Tom having a...
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to SeaEagleRock8's post in the thread Woods Gonski with 🤝 Agree.
      How about a good mentor for players who'd like to play State of Origin for NSW 14 times and play for Australia 17 times? He knows what...
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to court83's post in the thread Woods Gonski with 🤝 Agree.
      I don’t see why everyone’s so happy he’s going (it he goes) He’s well past his prime for sure, and hes not in my starting 17 for next...
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to Rocky's post in the thread Woods Gonski with 👍 Like.
      Woods is actually ok if he's on a min contract and is your 25th-30th player. Seems like a really good dude. The problem was he was...
    • Andrew..
      I’d be into keeping Dean Matterson at the right $$$
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to Jethro's post in the thread Kelma Tuilagi with 😆 Haha.
      Which one or both?
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to JakeyB789's post in the thread Cade Cust out of contract.... with 🤝 Agree.
      Cade was another player we just badly mismanaged. Always remember when he had a MOTM performance up in NQ then Des dropped him the week...
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to manly al's post in the thread The No-Look News (Schuster Chronicles) with 🤝 Agree.
      Club has pretty much made the call on Josh "s next and at least short term positional role as an edge and really just need the right...
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to mutley's post in the thread Parker with Disagree.
      If parker is anything other depth we are in for another long season, 2 year deal is also baffling 12 months is more realistic given how...
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to wombatgc's post in the thread Parker with 🤝 Agree.
      Maybe I notice it more because whenever he runs the ball out of our red zone, he invariably cops stuff around his melon. At one point, I...
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to Eagle 1's post in the thread Parker with 👍 Like.
      Agree, Bozo is obsessed with payets having speed, sure it's a great weapon to have but it's not the be all to a players repertoire...
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to HK_Eagle's post in the thread Parker with 🏆 Winner.
      Bozo rants about speed and then posts a pic of Matai and Lyon as his champion centres (which they were)... but, they weren't champions...
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to robbiea's post in the thread Parker with 👍 Like.
      Parker proves you wrong most games , @BOZO .
    • Andrew..
      Andrew.. reacted to Rackets's post in the thread Josh Aloiai with 👍 Like.
      As much as I despise Ennis, I think his appointment in this instance as a veteran, tenacious and gritty dummy half will be extremely...
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