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Zorba: 'They’re dummies that don’t know the game'


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Oct 19, 2004
10,000 crowd says otherwise. People are staying away. Wonder why Zorba? You dont read these sites? or online? why are articles getting deleted. Please. We dont know the game? Whatever he or Bozo does.. is POLITICS.. had nothing to do with whats right for Manly. Toovey getting the sack is a perfect example of it. Nobody outside of Manly understood why we did that.

Hired Barrett out of left field when nobody else would? Bozo got himself a puppet. F them. I will not set foot in that stadium again until they are gone. Hes the only one eating a sausage roll or 15.


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Oct 15, 2011
ZtH. Once again the true colours of a paid servant shine.

Is there a more moronic statement than " The kicking game" of individuals is causing Manly to lose.

ZtH come look at what we say. Make a judgement on what is written you clown.


Grizzly old fart
Aug 6, 2012
With all due respect to Zorba, and I dont attack him even though at times he needs to look himself in the mirror, but to call fans in general terms dummies is a naive and damaging comment to make for all to hear.

Zorba, the fans are the life blood of the Club, not you, not Penn, not Fulton. Certainly the Penns might own the club but without the fans there is no Sea Eagles. As a spokesperson for the club Zorba should be encouraging supporters, not putting them down. That arrogance shows a man poorly versed in the skills of PR. Might be a good writer and he was a good footballer, but he is not the final judge on what is acceptable with the Manly team and what is not.

Zorba, you have to understand you are surrounded by people who arent going to officially criticise the club and coach. You are cloistered in an environment that is partial to the owners and all you are going to hear, if you dont take notice of the fans, are yes men and women. You are one man, lucky enough to have his pals in charge, but you are not prepared to listen to a fanbase who are not dummies and probably know a lot more about the game than you obviously give them credit.

I dont mind Zorba self deluding about Manly's performances. That's his right and no doubt he thinks that's good for morale. But to denigrate the fanbase like that is irresponsible and just further alienates supporters from the Clubs administration. You need a good kick up the derriere from the Penns, Zorba and a serious wake up call. Personally as a supporter for fifty years, I feel seriously insulted by your public scurrilous diatribe.
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