Why the shake up?


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Why did the State Labor party change there positions so much?

Is it because there doing such a good job atm that they may as well have a round robin of job changes every 6 months until the next election?
They wanted to give you neo nzi's something to talk about
:lol: :lol:

True I was surprised it wasn't already mentioned by the "swinging voter" :roll:
I think youll find it had something to do with a certain member announcing his retirement. but dont let a fact get in the way of your labor bashing.
:lol:  :lol:

True I was surprised it wasn't already mentioned by the \"swinging voter\" :roll:

He was too busy figuring out how to pay the taxes that Howard has imposed on him.

Not all of can afford a brand new Plasma TV Byso
Theres Talk they are Going to make Joe Tripodi A Minister

Thats Like putting Byso On the Counter At Krispy Kremes :lol: :lol:
over rated hyped up ****ing donuts.

They are just donuts people, nothing more, nothing less. JUST ****ING DONUTS.
Its Funny Zap Driving Home late one night at about 2.30am , we are driving passed Krispy Kreme (The Store Had just opened) There was this Huge line And I said to My wife "What are these people doing ? they are only F**king Donuts !!! " Great Minds Think alike Zap :D :D
2:30 in the morning, queueing for a donut. What the ****??

Dont people have lives, at 2:30 in the morning, i am more concerned about where to get my next beer and a what sauce i want on my kebab

A donut, **** me we are turning into america.
Zap Krispy Kreme are the gourmet pizza of doughnuts.

You wouold consider all pizzas the same would you??
" They're just F#@cking donuts "
Tell that to the people of Penrith . Last year when myself & some mates ventured out to Penrith for the history making flogging , we went to Panthers afterwards to drown our sorrows . As we were leaving Panthers ( approx 1.30am ) , the Krispy Kreme store was packed inside & had approx 12 cars queued up at the drive thru. I'm almost certain each of these patrons would have been washing their donuts down with an icy cold Diet Coke.
Yeah but chuckwood, its Penrith where a mullet is still a fashionable haircut and not just a fish.

Diet coke after a donut, yeah good move chumps.

Fluffy - Come on without the slogans, the marketing and a country full of imbeciles you wouldnt know the difference honestly.


Even if they are gourmet ****ing peices of dough with sugar, they are not that good that I would be inspired to queue for one at times of themorning I should be sleeping, shagging or drinking.

When was the last time you queued and let me emphasis that QUEUED fora gourmet pizza at 1:30 AM
I never said they were worth Queueing for at those hours, but they are more than just doughnuts and yes its piss easy to tell the difference. And im sure you have spent more than 20 seconds queueing for just a pizza before
I dont queue for pizza, i order it over the phone but there is a distinct difference between a pizza, usually being a complete meal and what should essentially be a desert.

The only difference is that you have been hooked by their marketing.

They are merely donuts
Flufster one persons leaves so they reshuffle the whole lot your kidding aren't you?

Surely its because of poor performance?

Not the Krispy Kream debate again!

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