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Winging it
I don't know which post you are referring to but I popped over to have a look. Fair dinkum what a load of ****e. I know why I NEVER bother going to ME. People THINK here - single cells attempt to synapse there. Pathetic is the only word for their quality of posters (and you can almost hear the banjos strumming on the front porch...). Surely they can't live on the northern beaches? :? Makes me glad I got to complete my fourth grade education :wink:


Kim Jong Dan
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That was a fantastic post MB fantastic. I owe you a beer for that one me thinks.

I guess the new greeting for byso these days will be twang twang


Winging it
I can only call them as I see them. Zap, I think I know who you are posting under at ME, but you are wasting your talents bothering with that crowd.


Kim Jong Dan
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I am Danny on ME. I mayas well be bashing my head against a brick wall.

It seems they have failed to catch up with this century.....


Reserve Grader
Im cracking myself up here i started The krispy Kreme Debate By Having a cheap Shot at Byso :lol: :lol: :lol:


First Grader
Dood cheap shots a plenty here generally targeted at myself :p

twang twang!

MB is on fire plenty of gold to be found in these threads!


Winging it
I don't know about being on fire.

I will say that ME forum is a great idea, a place for fans to get together and they are pefectly right in editing/censoring debate as it is part of the club. Let those who like controlling others continue to do so but I for one will pass on the opportunity.

Have a good look at the posts. Seriously! I thought I had found a place to get a few laughs. I have changed my mind. Where does someone get off having a picture of a bloke at the urinal with the catchline "taking the piss since 1986". The responses are so poor it will be a long time before I go back for another peek.

Anyway, enough of the anti-ME statements from me. Everyone is entitled to do and say what they want it just means as discerning folks we have the right to ignore it if we choose. 8)

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