Welcome Anthony Seibold... and good luck

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frank stokes

I discriminate indiscriminately
I have been impressed by the few bits of analysis I have seen by him... and, unlike Des, I actually could understand the language he was speaking...
Maybe this IS a championship quality squad and the whole time it has been held back because the players could not understand what the coach was mumbling!
Mind you, I am all hope and little expectation at this point...


First Grader
Penn said that we have a premiership winning roster and now we have a premiership wining coach

Nothing less than a premiership win next year will be acceptable based on Penns comments

Then again Penn did say not long ago that des had the coaching job for life

Ron E. Gibbs

First Grader
They didn't have a problem playing against the glory hole guy.
But that was all an unfortunate misunderstanding! There he was, innocently "modelling" at a gay porn shoot, and there's a partition with a hole in it, and of course he stuck his schlong through it. I mean, what else is a bloke supposed to do when he sees a hole in a partition? Sure, he could peer over the top of that partition, especially when it only comes up to his shoulders, but that would just be wasting time. And how was he to know - at a gay porn shoot! - that they'd "put a bloke on the other side"? Honestly, mate - it could happen to anyone.


Journey Man
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Everyone that is the Manly coach has my support until they lose it. I hope he can connect with the playing group the way he did at Souths.
The Great Australian way is giving every one a fair go

We hope Anthony brings the exciting and excelling change we are looking for


Journey Man
Tipping Member
The War amongst us is over

Now we can focus on the war on the opposition clubs

Looking forward to some new artillery signings to fire us up


I'll try and be optimistic about this.

Took Souths from 13th to equal 1st in 2018 and a bee's dick away from the GF.
2019 made the finals with a Broncos with a divided group.
2020 won 2/2 before COVID stopped the season and the rules changed.

Not the worst reading.

Fibro Eagle

Premium Member
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I'm happy to give the bloke a go.
Lets see how the team performs in 2023, before putting the boot in.
Maybe we needed a change, I mean the place has felt stale for a while and I personally like Des and what he has done at Manly in the past, but we seemed off the pace in gameplan and playing personel and from my take, Des had control of both these key area's.
We may all be pleasantly suprised in what 2023 brings, so I'm a fair way off the doomsdayer calls without a ball being kicked.
My thoughts are the same
Des is a good coach could argue one of Manly’s best
Of late though many have questioned his tactics
Des‘s past has shown in coaching that there can be issues arise by the way he goes about his position as head coach
There is no question about the loyalty he has with his players
I wish Des all the best and Seibold the same


Reserve Grader
I'll try and be optimistic about this.

Took Souths from 13th to equal 1st in 2018 and a bee's dick away from the GF.
2019 made the finals with a Broncos with a divided group.
2020 won 2/2 before COVID stopped the season and the rules changed.

Not the worst reading.
Only problem is what happened after Covid, and how did Newcastle go with his involvement as a "consultant"?


The odds against Siebold are high.

It is a known fact that non ex-Manly coaches do not succeed at This Club!

Good Luck anyway.
I don't subscribe to that theory myself, there's only been three to my recollection and comparing that number to those with previous Manly playing experience is far too small a sample to get a fair dinkum indication, Siebold did well enough at the Bunnies to receive the Dally M coach of the year award and his one bad year at the Broncos had more to do with white anting from the bloc of ex players supporting Kevin Walters bid for the job and he didn’t receive the wooden spoon at the Broncos as some on here would have you believe, he resigned well before seasons end, this bloke isn't a Peter Sharp or Trent Barrett and I expect if given a fair go will have a number of people both on here and social media sites eating their words, time will tell if I'm right or wrong, I sincerely hope for all of us associated with this great club that I'm right 🙂

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