Too Boo or not Too Boo ... Lattrell

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Is Booing Latrell okay?

  • Yes

  • No

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Maybe if he has some message on his jersey that said like 'Hi I'm Latrell. Please like me'. It might make him a bit more approachable?
Sure, buy your ticket and have a boo. If it makes you feel good jeering at another human being, get it out of your system and get on with your life. But singling out and booing a player non-stop takes things to a different level. And it doesn't matter if you say, "I'm not booing him because he's black, I'm booing him because he's a dickhead", to have a stadium full of people - predominately white people - booing an Aboriginal player is just not a good look.

There has been an a plethora of Indigenous players contribute to our sport on the field without being booed.

Why does it turn to the race card when 1 Indigenous player gets booed?
I have for many years referred to the souffs supporters as the boo crew, they boo at anything and everything. But can’t cop a bit back, bad luck!
Latrell is a thug, the only reason the rorters supporters booed him was because he caved in Manu’s face. Of course instead of taking any responsibility for his thug like actions he tries to weasel out of it by playing the race card. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with him being a grubby thug who still believes he is the victim - pathetic human being
Anyone that gives it to those Roosters is good by me. If you call him a thug then what’s Radley? I have zero sympathy for any Roosters!

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