Post-Game Discussion Titans v Manly [Round 22, 2022]

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Game Information

Sea Eagles
44 Cbus Super Stadium
14 Aug 2022 16:05
80th minute

Match Stats


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Titans v Manly [Round 22, 2022]

Pre-Match Thread here

Game Day Thread here


Sunday 14th August 2022

.... Cbus Super Stadium, Robina, QLD

NRL Kick Off Time:.... Gold Coast Titans v Manly Warringah Sea Eagles: 4:05pm.


Titans: 44
Manly: 24


Pic: Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Facebook Page

Team Victory Song:



Post Match Interviews: TBA

Match Report:

Sea Eagles Stats Review: TBA

Match Highlights:

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Full Match Replay Link: TBA

Manly Tries:

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We did not deserve to make the semifinals this year so today and the rest of this season is kick in the bum deserved by all. I know some will heckle me for s saying this but we will be back bigger and better next season. As the saying goes if you go woke you go broke….
You sound like scomo

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Pretty much sums up the season of what could of been a reasonable good season
Too much up and down with games they should have won but didn’t


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But I wanna know... was God withholding the lube today as punishment over the rainbow jersey, but then why did he allow Josha, JoshS and Tui to play like $hite and for Saab to do his ACL? I'm really lost and confused.
Well let’s ask him @God what do you say ?


Think we have some really good backline options with a bit of depth (Tommy comes back next year), just not competing in n the forwards, Aloiai and then that’s it for the front row. AFB come back please and sparing that we need to pick up a hardship running prop to partner Aloiai.

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