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Made me nearly spew to see Abbott getting some sort of recognition for spending MY tax dollars on the lighting at Brookie. Why wasn't I acknowledged. Why doesn't he pay for membership along with all the lumpen-proletariat. I always figured he was of the leather patch brigade anyway. Aaaaagh.


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Just another example of the hubris attached to this reprehensible, small minded mob that "govern" us.


i must admit i saw him puncing about in a suit and a manly cap and was shocked and just prayed he wasnt a manly fan. He is one liberal poli i cant stand.


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One thing now governs my decision on voting. Workplace Relations Laws. Sorry Byso.


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lol, I don't care what anyone votes for.

I guess these photos would go well in this thread :)

2006 Rd14 Manly v TigersIMG_9267w.jpg

2006 Rd14 Manly v TigersIMG_9270w.jpg


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I'd say he is more likely to be a rugger bugger and was only there to shore up his constituency on Friday night.

The Wheel
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Abbott use to play lower grade rugby for Manly I believe and I think plays Golden Oldies occassionally. He is definately in the leather patch brigade.

He could have announced a few extra million for an upgrade from the budget surlpus so all us plebs didn't have to sit on a wet hill and line up in the mud for a beer.


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Sitting on the grass on the Brookie hill must be one of the worlds greatest pleasures, especially on a Sat or Sun afternoon. I'd spew again if the ground was made into a plastic factory. Lining up and slopping beer over each other is terrific. Bonding over mud. terrific.

The Wheel
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Yeah I still love the hill and want to see it retain, I was trying to alert our local pollies that tens of millions are plowed into the site holes like Penrith & Kogarah and we get 4 big candle sticks and Abbott thinks we shpul;d be greatful.


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at the end of the day these sporting grounds are used by professional sporting clubs which supposedly make a profit playing out of these grounds. So I can only guess that our club would be grateful.
But you are right that we do seem to get the bare minimum compared to other grounds.

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