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As i said long before... DCE was always up front with Manly but something/someone was stuffing him around.He called their bluff and shopped around.I dont think he wanted OUT , like foran & choc....

Manly's priority was Foran , but we all saw what he did to the club , " slimey prick ".Indirectly he was more the problem than DCE regarding the release Gift as Foran was on bigger money and Foran is the one that wants the big money

I havnt been able to make contact , to see if there is any truth to this but im hoping it is !!!

I hope that Foran however stays gone !!!! out of the two so far in 2015 , DCE is actually playing with commitment.

Finally some positive for this GREAT club

Mark from Brisbane

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Fingers crossed this comes to fruition. Might buy egg futures as there is bound to be a shortage by the time all the faces on here dissing DCE and Kelly get their serve.

If this does happen it'd have to go down as one of the weirdest 8 week periods in my time supporting Manly.

An apt description @Chip and Chase " Weird"

the mauler

Don't know what everyone is excited about. He's looked people in the eye at the Titans, shook their hands, smacked dicks with them and is possibly reneging on that deal.

If he goes he's pain in the arse mercenary, if
If Orr has denied it, it's a lock he's staying.


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DCE is set to sign with Parramatta.

Daly met with Brad "King" Arthur today and has decided that playing under him is what's best for his family. He has signed a contract worth a reported 100k per season....

As much as I hope he signs with Manly, I just can't bring myself to believe it until it's reported by jim and/or Orr.

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Maybe his form the last few weeks shows the internal conflict of is decision?

I'm in a state of shock to be honest. Not sure how to feel.

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Kent On 360 said Nat Myles manager which is the same as D$E isn't happy cause the way they are dealing with his contract so who knows he may get D$E to backflip and bring Myles to manly as well ???


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Absolutely delighted. Hope the negotiations are handled properly this time.Stand back boys and give Bozo the floor.


No truth in this at all Orr is playing us again and people are falling for it.

Orr wants the Gold Coast (nrl) to contract Myles and they don't want to.

So he released this story as a shot across the bow DCE is not back flipping it is about getting a deal for his other client.

Very smart and slimey Orr but he get's the deals done.


I had some mail earlier on that this was all a ruse by dce and his management. They knew foran was heading to parra, so they took the titans deal knowing we would throw heaven and earth to keep him. The funds that we supposedly gave are ludicrous, close to 1.4mil over 4 years.


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Just when i had accepted that we lost both halves this all kicks off again lol. If he stays good but he shouldn't have made us look like a laughing stock after the Parra game and waited until rd 13 and let his footy do the talking.

Never said anything bad about the guy but his actions over the off season haven't impressed me but if any of this is true i can forgive the emotional roller coaster he put us on.

I'm just looking for any positives to justify why i asked my wife to go to the Melbourne storm next weekend for my B'Day gift lol


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So I assume the slow start to the year was a master stroke by Toovs to play a bit of 'ghost of seasons yet to come.'

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