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Ashton Davis

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Lol Fox Sports player ratings issued DCE a 6…….the lowest of the Maroons yet Munster gets 8 & was only prominent in the last 10 minutes….

Yeah I thought the same when I read it. All his backline teammates getting high scores and he gets a 6 despite the fact that he did the majority of the general play kicking for QLD and was excellent in defence. He steered the team beautifully and also deserved an 8.

The blame for one of the NSW tries also got put solely on DCE when that entire side for QLD got shortened in defence. After their defence got sucked in, DCE actually had his man marked and it was Holmes who didn’t put a shot on the player who went through. Some of the “experts” would fit right in with the referees with the way that they see ****


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DCE Delivers and has the last laugh once again !


Wish he had a decent pack laying the platform for us like the Qld pack.
Why don’t people understand this?

DCE has been an amazing consistent player for us for so long. You can’t ask for anything more of a 7. He is only let down by his pack and the terrible 5/8s and hookers we have had. He kicks well despite being under constant pressure from **** go forward, terrible service and a lack of other options. He is composed and calm. He defends well for a half and gets through a lot of work because the opposition bends our middle and gets to our edges so often. He’s probably the best half at backing up breaks. Loves a field goal with the pressure on. Sometimes he tries too hard to create when the platform hasn’t been laid. Sometimes he takes the wrong option. Still, he’s been very good for a long time.


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Lol Fox Sports player ratings issued DCE a 6…….the lowest of the Maroons yet Munster gets 8 & was only prominent in the last 10 minutes….
Some of those reviews are appalling. Ive read a few that gave DCE a 5.5 and Munster was given a 9 ( the highest) stating DCE was invisible in the first half.

WTF, without him Munster could not do f$ck all. DCE steered the ****, tackled his arse off and basically set the backline up to create their tries but kicking game was on point.

But stated munster was quiet but popped up when he needed ( referring to his last try) What a load of crap.

SHM is the most accurate I reckon, although DCE could have scored higher.


Armchair Expert
He really steers them around well.

Calm and composed, wish he played more like that for Manly

He has his skillset and does those things consistently well... his kicks rarely go dead, his long kicking game is good, he can nail a 40/20, he is good in defence, he is a great support runner and has great pace and fitness.

There are other things he does not do so well... like being a playmaker who opens up space for his outside men (which he actually did a bit better than usual last night), and his bombs usually don't have any movement on the ball nor usually have enough hang time for the rest of the team to contend it in a lot of situations.
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BY FAR the most consistent number 7 in the comp. He isn't a 10/10...... but he is 7-8 out of 10 all the frikkin time.

He is simply superb, and the BEST use of $1m in the comp.

If THAT is a 5.5/10 game, then I will happily take it from DCE every week.

Any anyone who reckons we should go all out for Luai et al..... have a long, hard look at yourself


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The talking point here isnt wether DCE is a good player, we all know he is very good. but his limitations reflect the teams and that does not look to be going away soon

The respect he gets in the qld team does not mirror the focus the manly players have when they are addressed by him. is this evident to others . not even the same postcode

We have seen DCE go well in a team with 4 million dollar plus playmakers
his role is limited due to the talent he is surrounded by in this situation
Dce loves smaller roles, its how he rose to prominence and its why he has struggled since
he just isnt a big role guy.
No disrespect, im a housewife and my mrs is a corporate i just have a sauasage roll

But NO NRL function like this or can assemble such a luxury and still have an adaquate forward pack. so thats OUR MANLY, in no mans land waiting for the new messiahs to be born rather than going out and getting them

DCE number 6 partners is probably bigger than our CEO turnover, and we always lose the good one like green and foz due to coin. bloody johns

its never been about wether he is great for qld or if he is skilled
Its about being fit for purpose

I suppose purpose just means different things to us all. maybe thats the coversation we should have more often

Lets not forget DCE has had 2 games for manly in 2023 against souffs and knights where he could have imparted his special skills only afforded to the financial few, but in reality he failed due to a lack of having a go, just didnt get in there enough, but is lauded for defence.

On silveratls in 2023 Dce would have iced 2 parra games, a couple of chooks games and a storm game but gets the chance in ours and fires a **** ball a oku.

also Did DCEs form on the tackle bags and not on ball selection cost oku a chance to play for the blues.

maybe the legend is bigger than the man. something to ponder.


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also Did DCEs form on the tackle bags and not on ball selection cost oku a chance to play for the blues.

This is a very interesting question tbh.

And raises many more, around DCE, and how that whole edge functions, or malfunctions, depending on your viewpoint.

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