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Journey Man
[quote author=byso]
How did Corso know were you worked Ryan?

Very easy, Ryan has stated this himself when discussing his employers sponsorship arrangements with Manly. He chose to make this public, not me. He chose to reveal a private message not me.

As for me identifying my employer, you naivety continues to astound. You may wish to reveal your employer, but I like any half intelligent person would not do so. Why is the same challenge not issued to Matebele, Daniel, Byso, Wheel etc etc. But then again they are all moderatoers and subject to different rules to us mere interlopers. You see Ryan, as I mentioned before this site is rife with nepotism and you are just reinforcing this view.

ps: I am not an accountant, if you are going to make assumptions about my profession at least try to get them right. I would be happy to tell you, as I have others in this forum in private message but I am afraid your conduct with private message is reprehensible and I will not share any information of this type with you (or any others now here, due to moderatoers also monitoring the so called private message facility)

It's not about "where" I work Corso Pete. I have no problem with that. And you question my level of intelligence. Can't you see where this was heading? I'm sure everyone else can. It's about the way you openly slanderred my name, and that of my company with your emphasis toward any breaches of Privacy due to a PM. So it is clear for you:-


[n] an abusive attack on a person's character or good name
[n] "words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another"
[v] charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone; "The journalists have defamed me!" "The article in the paper sullied my reputation"

Why would I then ask Mataebele, Daniel or anyone else their place of employment?

01. They are my mates, so I already know where they would work.
02. They have not gone out of their way to try and defame me in my occupation.



First Grader
The moderators cannot and do not monitor other posters PM facilities.

Only Daniel as site admin may have access as to purge if necessary. Quite a standard process on all forum sites.

Having said that I would never put up a PM on any site. But I wont force my view on someone else.


Premium Member
I did not slander your name in any way, that is fact. I did discuss your attitude towards privacy, that is neither slanderous or defamatory.

If your employer feels that they have been slandered I will be happy to discuss the matter with their legal department. If they are willing to do so I will provide you with appropriate contact details.


Journey Man
It's about perception Corso. You are obviously unable to comprehend that - so I will give the argument to you. Your set in your ways, and that won't change.

Lets just move on eh?

The Fonz

Reserve Grader
Ryan, why don't you put up the post (minus names) in question and we'll decide if this fool defamed you. Make it a poll question if you like. :)


Journey Man
I staight out deleted it before I went out. I had no time. In hindsight again, I wish I archived the thread. Possibly Daniel could come up with it PC technical knowledge is non descript. It WOULD have to be amneded though, because public things about my occupation in that manner is damaging to reputation. I pride myself on be the utmost professional in my career. It's like me saying that as Corso Pete called me names on The Official Site a few months ago, does that mean at his employer being "X", does he call his clients names as well? Therefore, I would never go to "X" in case I get called names as he did on a football site...


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
nope, if its deleted its goooooorrrrnnneeee

Jatz Crackers

First Grader

9 December 2005 New York

The United Nations delares its unwillingness to become involved in the Australian Silvertails/MSE/Ryan/Sideline/Corso Pete conflict which flared up yesterday after a series of flaming PMs and Posts.

UN spokersperson Jatz Crackers said "we here at the UN remain concerned at the escalation of the conflict however we are hopeful that common sense, and the commonality of supporting the same football team, will provide that uniting thread that calms the situation"

We will continue to monitor the situation, but at this stage deem it too risky a situation for our negotiators to become involved in, he said.

Asked if the UN will prepare troops ready for any major outbreak of footy oval pie throwing violence Mr Crackers said "well its hardly the right time to be contemplating intervention when the footy season is so far away and the thought of eating hot pies in that part of the world is so out of the question"

Mr Crackers stated that he thought the outcome of the finals series in 2006 would eliminate the opportunity for similar conflicts to occur.


Premium Member
I pride myself on be the utmost professional in my career.

I will make that judgement on what I read. I notice that you deleted your response to the potential of pulling out of deal that could save the club "thousands" as a result of your banning at MSE. Any reason why you deleted that thread, I certainly was not involved in it, or is because it may have tarnished your "proffessionalism"?

I am not sure why. Maybe because the club and their existing bankers may have been somewhat emabarressed about them talking to or negotiating with another party. I really don't know but I am just speculating on your understanding of "proffessionalism" and what it means within financial institutions. Maybe we could have a poll on this topic?


Journey Man
Dude - Go outside, take 10 deep breaths, possibly a stroll to the bottle shop, buy a case of cold hard GET OVER IT!!!
Man - you are like a dog at a bone !!! Chill Pill. We are all over this. Your constant attempts at questionning my professionalism is BOOOORING dude - just BOOOOOOOORINNNNNNG. Can't you see we are bored with it? You need to find another vice or something. Lets just do this. How about I never reply to your mono toned posts, or anything about you or your credability, and you reciprocate that. That way we can steer clear of each other - because I obviously don't like you - and hope it is the same coming back at me. That way we both win !!!

Danners - please dude - how long will it take to get that ignore button created !!!

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