Sam Verrils facing 2 weeks

He was never gonna get off that. There is no way that could get downgraded. Radley had one downgraded earlier in the year and that was a farce, it couldn't happen again!
Taukiaho or however you spell it is also out this week. If we don't win and win well I'd be very surprised. If someone said at the start of the year to make the GF we only have to best Roosters who are missing half a squad and the a "Latrell less" bunnies you would take that every day of the week. Our boys should be fresh, we had an easy run in and even Storm last week wasn't a real physical end to end type semi. But at least now we know the standard of footy we need to be at to win
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We are a much better prospect in a prelim v Souths than a depleted Easts. Rivalry or not, they know this Easts side is cannon fodder. I mean the Gold Coast should have beat them last week! Now they’ve lost Taukahao and Verrils. It will be embarrassing if we don’t win well tbh.
I agree with you feathered friend .
We should beat the depleted roosters and beat them well
Show no mercy to the depleted roosters
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Not sure how standing on your toes when making contact to the face with your shoulder is a logical defence. It’s the opposite to falling into a tackle. After the spray Robinson gave the refs and the bunker in the Manu incident he couldn’t have expected any favours surely. Unfortunately when making a tackle in an upright position leading with the shoulder whilst dangerous to the other player is a symptom of self preservation.
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Maybe Jerry Lewis?
This bloke, Stephen Lewis, aka Inspector Cyril Blake (Blakey) in ‘On the Buses’:
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On a serious note and putting on the Ray Warren hat - would I be right in saying that ‘the traitor Verrills’ is yet to play against his old district club (MWDRLFC), in first grade?
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Current "high tackle" punishments are so complicated.
Personally, I think the NRL should introduce the word "unintentional" in the rules/punishments because too many players are being suspended for accidental contact.
For me, the Easts hooker just stood his ground and it was unfortunate his shoulder stuck Kelly's snoz. The ref didn't see anything wrong initially with the tackle. It was only when the damage was revealed and The Bunker got involved that a penalty ensued.
The irony is that Kelly had to leave the field for treatment yet Verils stayed on. A penalty was a minor "reward" for the Titans. Yet in later analysis Verils cops two weeks suspension. The club that benefits is Manly (yeah, I'm grateful too, but I'm trying to be logical here).
The Titans were the real losers. Verils stays on, Kelly is injured and out of the game for a while (yes, I know he returned), and the Tits lose their most important match of the year by a whisker.
If the tackle was bad enough for a two-week suspension how is it that those closest to the incident initially ruled it to be legitimate and only acted when Kelly had blood streaming from his nostrils?
There is a lot of accidental contact in RL; the rules/punishments should take this into consideration.

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