Sam Verrils facing 2 weeks

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If he gets off it is a a blow for the BLM movement. Latrell, a black man had the book thrown at him. Is not Brian Kelly as the victim of this heinous crime, and a proud indigenous man, worthy of protection?
Let’s all have a chew!
Well done. Shows NRL judiciary has some balls and didn’t get intimidated by Uncle Nick or Robbo.
We are a much better prospect in a prelim v Souths than a depleted Easts. Rivalry or not, they know this Easts side is cannon fodder. I mean the Gold Coast should have beat them last week! Now they’ve lost Taukahao and Verrils. It will be embarrassing if we don’t win well tbh.
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As a manly fan your right, we need to focus on our own shortcomings, fire up regardless of who is infront of us and get the job done.

As a rugby league fan, he gets off and it's another nail in the coffin as far as how the NRL is perceived, specially this year with all the hullabaloo with head knocks.
No reason to project negativity before it occurs. They guy did not get off. GO MANLY
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Verrills' representative James McLeod says that "if you're going to apply critical scrutiny", Verrills may have had a "better chance" of avoiding contact with Kelly's face if he didn't get up on his toes before impact.

However, he says that was not an "inherently problematic" or "uncommon action".

Looking at Junior Paulo's comparable grade-one careless high tackle, McLeod says the Eels prop was "less in control", "generated more force", "made flush contact" and launched his shoulder at Kurt Mann.

He adds that Shaun Lane's contact before Paulo joined the tackle provided "an analogy between that scenario and the scenario of Sam Verrills".

And given Paulo's offence occurred on the same weekend as his client's charge, McLeod says it is an example that "strongly suggests the Verrills incident should be a grade one".

On Klemmer's grade-two comparable, which occurred two weeks after Magic Round this year, McLeod declares the Knights forward was more careless and less in control than Verrills.

Judiciary chairman Geoff Bellew is now instructing the panel and recapping arguments.
Nice reporting from our man at the judiciary :)

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