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Had the pleasure to work closely with Warnie back in 2010 over a number of months.

In closing you can only surmise you either loved or loathed him. I'm sure he had his moments but for me at that very point in time he was a pretty good bloke. A lad that had as much fun as possible in the circumstances he was in.

RIP 🙏 Shane Keith Warne.
Thanks for your interesting post @Eagle of London and a great tribute.

Awful news to end an awful week, such a shock. Warne sure lived life to the full but cut short way too young. Thinking of his kids and family.

RIP Warnie


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Enjoy the maestro at work
This was great. Also hilarious how often Tony Greig got it wrong. Lovely memories of warney and greigy.

Greig: “Clean bowled!” (Actually way outside off stump and a massive thick edge on to the stumps); “bowled round his legs” (actually not that one, it went in front); “beat the outside edge and bowled him” (actually inside edge)

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Got to admit that waking up this morning, with wars, floods, covid, and an election, I never imagined hearing this news.

You are right Eagle of London, you either loved him or you hated him because yes he was a polarizing person. Personally I met him at a 50 over game as I was a guest of Allan Border when he was Captain of the Aussie side and Allan asked him to do something and Warnie told Allan to F off in front of me.

Even given his indiscretions like how would someone dating Elizabeth Hurley break up with her....really dumb or losing the Australian Million Poker tournament, but there is nothing anyone can say about his bowling ability.

A man taken well before his time. RIP and condolences to his family.

Chip and Chase

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This was great. Also hilarious how often Tony Greig got it wrong. Lovely memories of warney and greigy.

Greig: “Clean bowled!” (Actually way outside off stump and a massive thick edge on to the stumps); “bowled round his legs” (actually not that one, it went in front); “beat the outside edge and bowled him” (actually inside edge)
Yep Greigy was hopeless. Packer gave him a job for life because he helped him set up World Series Cricket. But he was useless as a commentator, got it wrong so many times.


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RIP Warnie, you fitted more in a half century of 1 wicket what most us would need 10 innings to do.
Thoughts are with the kids.


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Enjoy the maestro at work
Richie always went up a cpl octives when Warnie was on. Absolutely loved him. Only Bill Lawry and Ian Chappell left from those halcyon days of commentary.


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A real character , absolutely unique!!

And the great southern stsnd at the MCG will become the SK WARNE stand , what a fabulous tribute.
No doubt it will be a state funeral. Covid or not, I think this could be the most attended funeral in Australian history.
Interesting to see wether the Aussie test team will postpone their Pakistan tour to attend ?


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global news....



Let’s all have a chew!
RIP Warnie.

The term GOAT is thrown around all the time now, but when it comes to spin bowling there is only one and he’s left us far too soon.

I grew up in rural NZ watching Warnie and the great Aussie teams of the 90s. I truly loved this guy as a kid and worked daily on my legspin on those scorching hot 22deg high days!

Still doesn’t feel real this guy has gone. Man 52 is way too young!

Condolences to his family and loved ones.


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Terribly sad news. Condolences to his family and friends. Another Aussie sporting icon gone too soon. Will always remember his feats on the field.


Journey Man
global news....

It would be like losing Gretzky to a Canadian


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I was out last night with a few Indian mates, and when we saw the news they were as upset as me. It just goes to show how he was a legend to all cricket fans, not just Australian cricket fans.

IMO, there has never been a better entertainer on a sporting field.

Thanks for the memories and RIP Warney.


SK Warne. Legend.

In sport the best want the ball in their hands when the games is on the line. Warney was the best of the best.

That Ashes series in England where the Barmy Army where singing, "Warney where has your mises gone? Far Far Away."

The front page of the UK paper had some bird saying she kept him awake all night, shagging, tiring him out to help England's cause.

Where most would fall apart. Warney just played even better.

His greatest moment though in my eyes. Probably that one day world cup final. Pure leadership, he just knew he needed to lift the belief of his team mates, he single handedly done so with his carry on after his first wicket. And then done it over and over and over. He didn't just get the team back into a position to win, he dragged that teams spirit so high they just fell over the line.

His mental strength and guile, a true sporting genius.

RIP legend.

Yep, he was THAT player that WOULD make things happen.

Remember back when he played it wasn't just his skill that got guys out, he had such an aura and confidence ( ego) that he could pretty much psyche them out.

I'd heard the saying "when player such and such got the ball he would clear the bars" and never really thought much of it but he was that player, especially in the One Dayers.

He'd come on at first change and invariably get a wicket early, the buzz around the ground - "Warnie's coming on" - when we'd see him getting the ball was something special and yep, I've been one of those guys at the SCG bar (or in the beer queue) and watch intently or even leave my spot with anticipation at a man at the peak of his powers.

Seeing the quicks charge in or a batsman take them on are joys to behold...but Warnie was something else again.

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