Re-sign Choc now.


We need to re-sign watmough asap as peter doust has confirmed they have contacted his manager to try and get him over to st george next season


didnt realise he is off contract

i guess now thanks to the extra 240K thats landed in our lap, plus what ever was already budgetted for Choc already should ensure that guys like Choc and Travis will stay with the club,

i wouldnt lose much sleep over it


UFO Hunter
Unfortunately this is the predicament that we face because of wasting $480,000 over the last two years. He would have had an extension to his contract last year if that weren't the case.

However it begs the question as to what money we were going to sign Gallen or O'Donnell with doesn't it?


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The back office staff seem to be ****e. They publicly chase LOD and others while seemingly ignoring the talent in the backyard. Choc is an eagle, and must stay an eagle and should be recognized and rewarded accordingly.

The Wheel
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Reading the article it seems to me that our talsk with choc are a fair way down the track - I am not too worried (at this stage)


Kim Jong Dan
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to me Choc has been built to be a one club man. I think he will stay even for a bit less money. He had Menzies and Kennedy to tutor him so can only see him playing for us with pride passion and a little less cash, lets hope judas didnt rub off on him


UFO Hunter
It still begs the question as to why the club has left it to a point where Choc is receiving genuine rival offers.


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You can receive offers at any stage of your contract now the anti tampering deadline was scrapped last year.

It could be a number of factors, Choc might not have wanted to re-sign last year as he was down on form and knew he could command as much money as he is worth etc.

I would be more concerned with Kite leaving.

Jatz Crackers

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All current players and potentials aswell, should understand that they are on the prime beef train to the promised land and right on track to win a premiership.

The quality on the plate means if there is a little less in the gravy jug then so what. Just being on board this train is worth a bit less gravy.


UFO Hunter
You can receive offers at any stage of your contract now the anti tampering deadline was scrapped last year.

Teams would be crazy to make offers to early on in case of injury ect. If we had have stitched him up when the club was doing its last round of contract upgrades then he would never have thought twice about another club.

However I doubt he will go. He has expressed his interest in staying Manly for life and he seems like a loyal character to me.


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So if clubs are crazy to make offers early due to injury etc then wouldnt we have been crazy to stitch him up long term when he still had another 1 to 2 years on his contract?


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Grant Mayer told me Kite had already signed for the next 3 years and that was in front of Kite, as I had asked him Kite if he was fielding offers from elsewhere ???? That was 3 weeks ago.

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