Re-sign Choc now.

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Yes but Ryan, from your view they are unsigned. From the clubs view they are probably well down the track in terms of negotiation.

And Choc and Co. You mean Hicks and Burns and Kite. Lets look at the facts here. Hicksey isnt getting any younger and we have some quality wingers coming through the ranks so Hicks may well be better served to look around. IMO not a player we should slit our wrists in order to sign.

So that leaves us with Choc and Kite and Burns. I can assure you, Kite is not going anywhere. So that leaves Choc and Burns.

So out of our entire side we have Choc and Burns who we would like to re-sign, who are looking around (at worst, they may be well down the track in negotiations). Compare that to other clubs mate and I reckon you will find thats a pretty sweet position that we find ourselves in.


That said Doug, it's a little silly players like Choc and co. can go to market. We read daily how other clubs are extending their stars contracts. Why not us. I admit - we are improving eg. Glenn Stewart, but Manly needs to do whatever it can to stop players getting into a bidding war.

Now see by Ryans standards thats the mildest of critiques so they must be doing bloody well !!! Normally he just unloads both barrells! ;)


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I posted they 'SEEM' to be ****e, not definitely ****e, although the way that Monas, Matai, Burns and now Choc SEEM to be being handled is not that fantastic imo. Possibly a little ****e?.


beep beep beep, is that truck in reverse ?

while Monaghs was a debacle from start to finish, I really dont see how the handling of those other guys is even a little **** ? we are only 1/3 of a season through the last years of the contracts.

The media posts that other clubs are interested, my god thats like reporting the sun comes in the morning and sets in the west. Rumours sell papers.

What they dont print and what the club dont make public is how many meetings they have with players and managers behind the scenes, so frankly we only here the positive side of the story.

The club has what, 30 odd players to look after, so should they tell us every time they have a bloody meeting!



Kim Jong Dan
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compared to other years we wouldnt be that concerned at this point, we would normally start worrying around the June 30 deadline. So no big deal

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