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Who do we keep ???

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It looks like the club has tied up too much money in our halves, most are under contract except Travis Burns and Monaghs has asked to leave, who would you rather see stay at the club . Taking into consideration the clubs long term future and salary cap restraints.


It's better to burn out, than to fade away.
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Don't know whether it's a crock of ****, but i was just told over the phone that Monaghs is gone as from this week, not at the end of the year.


It might mean that he is goin got ESL as I doubt that manly would allow him to play for another NRL club this year as we would not be able to replace him.

Also doubt that Manly would release him mid season especially in the form he is in.


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agree tookey, surely manly wouldn't be so stupid as to let a player in such good form go mid season.

Does anyone think he will be on more than $240k wherever he goes?

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It sounds like there might be salary cap pressure - it happens to all clubs when their good young players develop and they have to up their salaries to keep them.


im not sure how we would benefit by releasing him immediately ? unless they can sign someone to play straight away, so how would that happen ?


It's better to burn out, than to fade away.
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The tip came via one of the players, something about a super league club needing him now. I couldn't see why they would let him go mid season either, unless it's because Monaghs holds the upper hand, as the club wants to make guarantees to other players they're worried about losing.


all papers report that Des says we will be without MM "next Season" no report on this season, fingers crossed.


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From what I have gathered, Hull has just lost their halfback and are currently in a massive search to have someone replace him this season.

I reckon there is merrit to this one.


Monaghan for me.

When it comes down to it... between Monaghan or Burns I look at it as if they are both equals in defence but monaghan is better in attack and has experience at 9 too.

I guess you could say that burns has more time on his side etc... but I think with the salary cap how it is teams only get a 3 - 4 year "window" to win a comp and I think Monaghan culd help us achieve that more than Burns could.


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Totally agree Nutz.

The players are equal in defence.

For those that picked Burns, consider this.

How many games has Burns won the club. Via his playmaking skills?


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Monas has had his chance to win the comp for us and it didn't happen. Time to go Michael. Monas can kick long but surely this can be coached. He can chase his tail in the ESL. And take Dunley with him on a package.


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When did monas have his chance to win a premiership?

Our cattle in 2005 was not premiership winning material, if you think it was you are even more deluded than your Matai comments make out.

Do you wish to punt Orfoed since he had his chance in 2006 with better cattle than Monas?


i must admit its a tough one for me, while both players have great heart, im yet to see Travis actually set up a try for anyone from memory, which is fine unless your playing 5/8! Mayby with orford at 100% we can use a tough running 5/8.

Monaghs had had some ordinary games in the maroon and white but this year he has shown that when the forwards are playing well, something he has not always had the luxury of, he can create a try.

But on the other hand, he wants to play half back, full stop, in my opinion you cant have that tunnelled view, its a shame he isnt happy with 5/8.

Travis still brings a lot to the side and if we do develop another 6 or 7 to play next to the Ox Travis i think is versatile over time to develop into a good hooker/Lock as well.
so in saying all that...... what was the question again ????.........

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