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Politics / Elections

Terry Zarsoff

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Jun 19, 2013
And on another positive note (after the Sea Eagles' fightback), the Coalition held the Peter Fitzsimons' Anti-Stadia Alliance (PFASA - fronted by Smirkin' Arfur Daley) at bay.* Peter was ruminating in the paper today as to why the government just hung on. Memo Peter: you didn't help with your concentration on the Allianz issue - admittedly the Coalition's messaging was exceedingly poor** - but they didn't deserve to lose office to a 'do nothing, threaten to tear up contracts, rethink metro routes' outfit who it seems haven't learnt much from their last spell in office..

Now the government can get on with completing the metro through to Bankstown (taking the Bankstown line out of the Central Station chokepoint equation); starting the city to Parramatta metro; the Western Harbour Tunnel; extending the F6 southwards and the Parramatta LR.

There are others, but these are where the main differences lie with Labor's (essentially non-existent) transport infrastructure policies. For those with an interest in political history - Labor have held office in NSW for all but 26 years since 1941. So next time you want to pin the blame on Sydney's perceived woes, remember who have held the reins of power Iin this state for the vast bulk of the period since WWII.

*On the Northern Beaches front, that should see both sections of the Mona Vale Road upgrade completed or well underway by 2023; potentially the B-line from DY to Chatswood a reality; Beaches Link well underway; plus the CoE at Brookvale (provided Regan plays the game) completed.

** Ayres might hang on, but I think (as do many) Our Glad will be gone before the next poll.


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Nov 8, 2017
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