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The Wheel
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Thanks to the team at Brookie today we got 1482 signatures from people wanting brookie upgraded.

It was no intertesting that basically no warrior supporters would sign - can kiwis spell their own name??

Good to me a couple of regulars like goldie and mellonhead


Winging it
I got about 40 Warrior signatures. But when on the hill the comments from their supporters about our ground were unbelievably critical. They were not impressed forking out $25 and let everyone know. Time for the government to come to the party.


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Should we go around again guys?
Did Fluffy and Duff help?
I noticed Fluffy at the ground on the cans...


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Online there are 1000 or that's 2500 all up.
Do you reckon that's enough?


UFO Hunter
I know I can't be involved but is there potential for sigs on the Manly mall or down the beach's or something. Maybe fans could make a day of it and have a BBQ and a game of touch around getting the petition going.


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i managed to get Jamie and Brett to sign. Was trying to get Witty as well but he was too busy chatting to glenn stewy.

It was a good result from just 8 people really, I know from us inside the ground it took a while as you had to sell it to every group as you walked around.

Good effort from those who helped and Dan who was in need of a few berrocca's

The Wheel
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Yes Dan was under the pump, the usual narks came out on MSE to question the effort but as Fluffy said 20 people would walk past as you got 1 person to sign so 1482 was pretty good.


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By the usual narks I will make the assumption you mean me.

Was this site not born from the adage that the founders did not want to "follow the leader" and say what ever you want as long as it follows the company policy? Yet when something is said on MSE that is not following the company line they are labelled the "usual narks". I smell a strong dose of hypocracy.

If there is one thing that I have said that is untrue then tell me what that was. I guess the only thing that is is subjcective is the number of signatures obtained, 1480 odd. I said that was a dissapoiting number, it had nothing to do with the efforts of those involved. If the organisors think that is a good number then I am wrong.

Is constructive critique only allowed on this site and not elsewhere? I have said on this site and at MSE that all those involved should be congratulated. Not one person involved deserves any critisism for their efforts and I would defend any person that was critiscised.

If you have taken my views on MSE as personal then you may wish to re read it.

I will ask the question, and please do note take personaloffence, If you were do the petition again would you do it exactly the same?


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Why don't we conduct a time and motion analysis to see if the volunteers might have been able to eke out an extra 10%.

I think 1500 signatures is a fair effort from a handful of people over two hours.


If you were to have a read of a few of the threads of late Corso_Pete , you will find this place is anything but follow the leader.
Well done to the volunteers and those that have invested their own cash in securing the signitures. All that plus trying to watch a great game of football. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Why not ask the club if they can also put a table with a petition inside each gate as well.

It could be put there as soon as the gates open get the early arrivers as well as people can sign on the way out after the game. It would need a sign to say what it is for.

What about a petition or two at the leagues club as well where people sign in after the game?

What you also need is some Jim Beam type girls in skimpy outfits to walk around the ground all afternoon asking people to sign the petition. !pray: !pray: !pray:


Winging it
If you were do the petition again would you do it exactly the same?
At any game the largest walk up is in the last 20 minutes and we were unfortunate as that is when it started to rain and folks just weren't keen to stop. Our best success close to game time was having 3 people in one spot so that multiple petition pads were available and the crowd wasn't held up. Earlier in the day that wasn't an issue.

I think the number we got wasn't too bad but I know there were periods where we missed groups who were most likely willing to sign but man-power was the problem. With 15 minutes to go us volunteers wanted to grab a spot to watch the game too!

I don't wish to be negative but I have doubts that next game will be overly successful as the early arrivals are likely to be the same people. To get big numbers the petition is going to have to be placed in other places such as the club.


Journey Man
Backer - mate - can you co-ordinate the next lot. I just don't have the resources waiting on bub to arrive. Can I leave it in your hands to take over? PM me your E-mail, and I'll give you Mayers, Aaron's, Manly Daily's etc etc contacts. If we could drum up a few more volunteers, who would stand at the entrance right up until kick off, this would work wonders.

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Well done to all involved. I got there too late to sign and for the first time in years had to queue up in a huge line to get inside. Only just got in. Will sign next time and happy to support the signing for the next home game!

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