Other Games [Round 8, 2023]


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Thursday, April 20
Rabbitohs v Panthers, Stadium Australia, Nine/Fox, 7:50pm

Friday, April 21
Eels v Broncos, TIO Stadium, Nine/Fox, 8pm

Saturday, April 22
Bulldogs v Sharks, Stadium Australia, Fox, 5:30pm
Cowboys v Knights, Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Fox, 7:35pm

Sunday, April 23
Dolphins v Titans, Suncorp Stadium, Fox, 2pm
Tigers v Sea Eagles, Campbelltown Sports Stadium, Nine/Fox, 4:05pm

Tuesday, April 25
Roosters v Dragons, Allianz Stadium, Nine/Fox, 4pm
Storm v Warriors, AAMI Park, Fox, 7pm
South’s should be up by 12+ points but panthers defence is very solid tonight

i would make our boys watch that half from the panthers

they had no right to be 6-6 at half time
Yep, excellent defence from the Pennies, and I put that down to Cleary largely. DCE could learn a lot by watching the way Cleary doesn't come rushing out every play, and because of this, there are numbers left in the defensive line which pushes the sweeping attack towards the sideline with no room. He is a calm operator.
So magically, when the Pennies are getting marched towards the sideline, Cartel Sutton steps in and calls held, despite both the player's feet being on the ground. The player himself knew he was in trouble and tried to offload.
Wonder how long clubs are going to persist with these short goal line dropouts 🤦🏻‍♂️
And just quietly, I have been impressed with the defensive work of Ilias, especially moving across and covering up the inside. He's not a big boy, but he cuts them down.
Shocking error by Che Kam, he should have covered that up easily. He can thank his lucky stars Tago didn't score there.

Followed by a shocker by Latrell. Again, the Pennies were there for the taking tonight, but teams are not stepping up to get it done.
Souths have self-destructed here. Had a golden opportunity to overcome a boogey team for them tonight, and the Pennies have been far from their best. Living in their heads.
Latrell is gased and lazy. Couldn't even be bothered contesting or even moving to that Cleary kick where Crichton scored.
Looking at the score sheet from overseas and it appears that Stephen Crichton bloke can play. Has scored all of the Panthers’ points. But why isn’t Cleary kicking the conversions?

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