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Game Day: Manly v Tigers [Round 17, 2020]

Game Information

Sea Eagles
Wests Tigers
Sat 05 Sep 2020 17:09
80th minute

Team Statistics

Sea Eagles Player Statistics

Wests Tigers Player Statistics

40 nil

Well-Known Member
Dec 11, 2018
Some good signs tonight. Should have won, but too many mistakes. Nofaluma most influential winger in the comp? Good debuts by Harper & Schuster. Many of our forwards went well. Injuries unsettled the team. Be great to see our young players alongside Turbo in two weeks (see Turbo thread)


Well-Known Member
Jun 22, 2012
I have to disagree. I watched the opposition march Marty upfield as he hung on grimly around the middle. We could just not put them on their back and dominate. And often there was an offload thrown in to compound the problem. They killed us in the ruck if you have a good look at it.
Not as bad as some of the defence out wide, parker was pretty bad and young Hoppa definitely not ready. The forwards too look gassed but they did enough to get us to 32-18 with 9 to go.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
2018 Tipping Competitor
2019 Tipping Competitor
Jul 15, 2004
After hanging a gate and a door today, if des doesn't break a ****ing swinging thing off its hinges, imma go do it. Absolute and complete bastards


Grizzly old fart
Aug 6, 2012
Again people attacking DCE and the props. Check the ratings given. They were the highest for Manly. Its not them. Its again the outside backs and poor execution. If Schuster had stayed on the field we probably would have won. Injuries are killing this team more than anything else. I would be asking about their conditioning because how can a team suffer so many serious injuries so consistently, while teams like Melbourne seem year by year unaffected..

Harry Smith

Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2016
I think you're all being a bit harsh, considering all the injuries and inexperienced players I'm not as worried as our past losses where we actually looked horrible. This squad had potential, they're just massively underdone when it comes to experience and match fitness - I think we need to focus on the positives, there's some real gems in the rough we may have unearthed here.

Anyway can't wait for the SBW wankfest, I wonder if they'll play his inner monologue like last time aha.
Agree, although still incredibly disappointing. IMO while alot of it was due to inexperience and lack of match-fitness from the backline (which showed much promise and gives 2021 some hope), a huge part of the problem was also Croker and Levi (as well as Waddell). Croker was absolutely shocking and Levi capitulated in that second half (eg THAT kick). They are below 2nd grade quality, 100^% liabilities

double hoops

Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2013
Hmm defence not the best. But DCE goal kicking. Clearly hasn't been practicing. He has no routine. He went back and stood in a different spot every time. For 1.2 mill he had a chance to make the difference tonight. But has done zero kicking practice. Says it all.


Silvertails' Premier Sh*tposter
Mar 8, 2013
If you put this team on in the 2008 GF when we were at 40 nil, theyโ€™d find a way to lose it
Yeah no ****, mind tallying up the difference in experience between the lineups real quick?

I'm fighting a losing battle here and gonna cop it but I think you're all being (rightfully) emotional considering the circumstances and maybe ignoring the realities of the squad we trotted out and just how inexperienced they are. I mean ffs we got beaten by a team with an incredible attacking capacity and kept up going toe to toe.

End of the day we were ****ing gassed, Sironen chucking up his guts really personified this for me.


Well-Known Member
Oct 25, 2017
I've been waiting a long time to watch Hopoate and Shyster, so okay who's next in line
So putting the loss on a kid on debut and a second gamer? Bigger issues than that to deal with a stuffed cap and a coach out of ideas.


The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
2019 Tipping Competitor
Jul 26, 2010
38 to 18 in front with 10 minutes remaining and we lose the game
We are a team made up with Eagles that cant fly
Some of our players have shown us once more that they are not NRL quality


Well-Known Member
Premium Member
Mar 16, 2009
It traditional that when someone criticises DCE one of his supporters will say โ€œwell, would you rather have Luke Brooksโ€. Yes, yes, I WOULD rather have Brooks.
I defended DCE for years but after the last few games I am questioning him. He cannot manage a game to save his life. I would rather Brooks on 500k and have another 700k spare to pay harry grant or someone that can manage a game. DCE as captain should have told the players to quit the crazy offloads and expansive footy in our own half when we are up by 14 with ten to go till halftime, instead we are throwing stupid passes and risky offloads its just dumb and its not how Manly have built our success. Defence is laughable and in the second half with 20 to go we get momentum Levi was going ok and Des rotates to Croker at hooker????? what the F for??????? its just madness.

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