Let's save our breath


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Let's save our breath

Look, it was very bloody obvious why we lost that game today and I, for one, have become very tired of pointing it out. I think it was clear for all to see today, there's no need to dwell on it - it just is.

Unfortunately, Max Delmege, in all his (limited) wisdom has foisted the problem onto us for a further three years, unless of course the moon, sun and stars are smiling on us and we can secure a playmaker and move the problem to Number 9 where it might do quite well.

So onto other matters from the game:

Mark Bryant :clap: :clap: :clap: One of the better games from a stand-in prop that one could hope to see. Nothing spectacular but he worked hard and didn't let us down.

Sam Harris :clap: :clap: A few silly errors but at times he hit the line with venom and tried a few good things.

Kane Cleal: :doh: A diabolical performance yet again highlighted by the giving away of some game turning penalties. Dumb, dumb and dumber. Surely he will choof back to PL where he belongs. Kylie is back next week isn't he? !pray: !pray:

Alberts: :| Didn't have a lot of opportunity and committed the odd error. Hard to evaluate him on today. Certainly looks like he offers more than Stephenson or Matai.

Hill: :violin: Father Time is playing the violin when your centre can't keep pace with your 32 year old back rower. His lack of pace is costing us in attack and he also gave away some sill penalties. He's basically there to block the gaping hole in the defensive line that was generally there when Torrens, Mullane and Company were there in 2004.
Let's save our breath

agree totally with comments about bryant.standout prop in the initial exchanges .on that form princess will need luck after his latest papercut heals.

cant agree re harris.too many silly errors when simple stuff would suffice.

we must give our 1,2,4 and 5 some ball-oodles of speed.this short stuff to our running backrowers is wearing a little thin.we didnt look like scoring a point in the second half.


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Let's save our breath

Kennedy's around the corner passes came off. Harris' didn't. At least he's a further forward adding some unpredictability to our attack (as opposed to Cleal and Co adding it to defence).

We're going to need Harris to step up now that watmough is gone.


Let's save our breath

I think that Harris is trying too hard to be Kennedy, but I think that he still looks quite good and if he keeps on improving will be great.

Bryant was good.

We are missing a creative playmaker. Monas is solid but he needs a supporting player.

Cleal should be dropped or taken out the back and beaten up untill he learns to stop giving away penalties.

Im still un decided on Hill. Better than Stephenson and possibily Mattai anyway.

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Let's save our breath

I disagree on Cleal - I thought he did very well today for a young bloke. Certainly did a lot of good things! Others gave away silly penalties too!


Let's save our breath

I agree CW. I've been impressed with Cleal's last two performances. He has definately improved on last years efforts.


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Let's save our breath

Cleal didn't do anything wrong.

Bryant was farking awesome.. There's no way a sane man would select Princess over him.


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Let's save our breath

Kane is still young and I thought he is on the improve. One annoying aspect of his game is flopping on the attcking player and staying there. It gives a penalty and when you are behind on the scoreboard you lose game time. He may not be fit enough.


Journey Man
Let's save our breath

Bryant seemed to try to outmatch O'meley, played his best game for us and was very very good. Helped us to the great start, even made the effort to get down to some of monas long kicks and make the tackle inside the 20.

As ads said - monas has no support in playmaking. Everytime the ball went wide it stopped at one player who then looked confused at to what to do with it.

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