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Kick game

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by jbb/james, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. jbb/james

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    Some of the kicks the raiders used tonight were classy especially close to the line. The way the skewed the ball to tail one way or the other led to repeat sets. And it wasn't one kicker either , they had the skills.One kick from the half in full flight kicking the end of the ball was the difference to getting another set. It just kept veering right

    I have to say I have never ever seen a kicker come to Manly and improve there kicking game. On the other site i was relentless in this a few years back and then they made a GF and won one as well and i had to eat my hat. Like many pointed out, what more do you want. Do i shut up

    No one ever leaves with more kicking skills than when they arrived

    In saying that Des and tooves didn't have much of a  kicking game but they did have a lot of ticker, and this is the way the manly team has been built around ticker,Not always displayed but that's the style anyway

    Players even lose skills at manly as they are forced to reign it in to adjust to the game plan

    Do we have the next Brian Smith in our camp, A culture coach rather than a footy coach.

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