Until his injury he was playing better IMO. His hit ups had move oomph too them and he wasn't getting rag dolled as much.

His defence needs work, but he's a winger and not expected to be a Jake like tackling machine.

I hope he doesn't lose any of his speed with the ACL. Time will tell on that one.
His assets far outweigh his flaws and the deficiencies he does have,are very fixable with a bit of hard work
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Saab couldn't have worn a Manly polo or hoodie/trackie for the shot ?? Or does he have a TPA with Adidas that is more important ?
First pic on his Instagram post confirming his extension was him in the Manly jersey. Said nice words about the club also.
Good bit of banter between Saab and Sipley in the comments too :)
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I’ve always wanted to see this happen but, I can also imagine why Jacko doesn’t want to take it on…. (yet?)
Anyone watching Welcome to Wrexham? Imagine if Hugh did something similar....
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I presume someone handed Saab the pen to sign the new contract.

Id hate to think he was under pressure to catch a high thrown pen or worse one moving at speed at knee height or lower.
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He thanked god for the contract. I wish god would hurry up and fix a few other things.

Ps jase I don’t think god had a lot to do with your contract.

Is that snide bs remark necessary? I don't follow god but what did your crap comment add?
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The unfortunate thing about a player with the pace of a Jason Saab is that if he's not scoring runaway 90 metre tries every other week, the general thought is that he's out of form.

The general thought is even from those who should know better.
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Well done Jason.

Here's hoping for a great 3+ years.

The club may not have announced the signing due to the 10 day cooling off period?
Maybe the agent and player can announce away but the clubs just hang on to when it's really really done? The player and agent could have done the same but w/e.

Anyway, I'm not going to grizzle at news of a re-signing. Gotta take the happy when the unicorn princess hands them out.

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