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Opening try by the Saab tonight could be on the cards, we suck in Sths in the middle DCE shoots out a bullet pass to Saab who has got outside his opposite, fullback can't cover this, shut the gate, try time.
I'd like to see Saab really gunning it to see just how fast he can really go.

So far he hasn't seemed to (have had to) go higher than second gear, although that's also down to his running style, he makes it look effortless.

I don't think he's even looked out of breath after one of his breaks, he's like a thoroughbred racehorse, built for speed.

As others have said, once he's in open space no one's running him down.
In 1975, Allan Moffat during practice at Bathurst set his XB Falcon up with a very tall diff ratio and was the fastest down the old, Chase-less Conrod Straight by the proverbial country mile. While he was hitting upwards of 260 km/h in his big Ford, Brocky and Colin Bond in their Torana's were struggling to get near 250. But, as Moffat found, there was a drawback. He couldn't match them going up The Mountain because the tall diff was built for top speed, not acceleration.

Rugby league is a lot like that. Its a rare thing (well, it used to be at least) when players would actually run the full length of the field to score. Mostly its acceleration over the first 20-40 that counts and top speed over about 75 metres. That's where players like Phil Blake were most effective. Blakey didn't have outright pace over 100, but from 22 to 22 (as it was in those days), he was virtually untouchable.

If there was a 100 metre match race between Saab, Addo-Carr, Roberts, and I'll add in Xavier Coates ... I reckon Roberts over the first 40 (he's like Blake. Quick off the mark, but can't maintain it), but Saab would win over the full length. Fox is more a short distance (75m) sprinter who does struggle in the back end of his runs (hence how Phillip Sami ran him down. He kept going while Fox died on his run), whereas Saab just seems to have the ability to maintain his top speed for longer.

It's not often we have an Allan Moffat analogy on the Silvertails forum. From a fellow Allan Moffat and Manly fan, I tip my hat to you sir!
26 tries, and one of 5 wingers nominated for NRL Winger of the Year at the Dally Ms.
Not too bad for his rookie season, at age 20.
This kid might have some potential after all.
Agree I saw a highlights package of all his tries and there is a misconception that the bulk of his tries were put on a plater by either Tom or DCE. However, you would be surprised at the number of times he either backed himself or took a grubber or high ball. I will imagine he will be bulked up in the off-season which will provide him with more confidence in defence. Definite keeper and has exceeded expectations. 👏
Saab, who has adopted his step-father's surname, has Aboriginal and Nigerian heritage, while Cairns-born and raised Tabuia-Fidow is of Torres Strait Islander and Samoan descent.
Saab said the brave stands of Latrell Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr, who have used their platforms to call out racial abuse, was an inspiration for him and others.
“Those two are advocates for calling out racism, that’s a form of bullying,” he said.
“Them standing up for themselves inspires kids as well.”

Good on Jason. So pathetic to have kids still being subject to racial abuse in this country and in this day and age. The weakness of our so-called political leaders in this area is scandalous.
How good is it to have the fastest man in League on our wing? I mean how the hell did Stmerge let this kid go?.

Don't get me wrong still has a lot of improvement to do in his game but jeez what a find.

Loved the raiders game when he took the intercept and Corey Parker in the box was like Savage Savage and then Voss simply states effectively yeah nah.

Hoping to see more of the DCE long range kicks this year to get opposition players dropping back to cover. Will open up the D line nicely.

How big did he look next to Koula? Koula wouldn't be small no doubt but holy 😳 moley it was like Andre the giant and some kid from the crowd.

Love it.
It's scary to think how fast he can really go (a quote from Johns). Just waiting for the ultimate Addo Carr - Saab match up/foot race, surely this has got to happen this season.

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