Do you guys think Jamie Lyon is worth the money Manly have paid for him ? yes hes a good player but is he really up to the NRL standard yet thoughts
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lyons stats from last night

line breaks 0
Missed tackles 5
hitups 0
offloads 2
metres gained 36
Tackles 33
i think hes worth it at centre... hes not a 5/8.

Des is pissing me off with his team selections.
It's better to burn out, than to fade away.
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I will go with what Des thinks, he's got us this far.
But is Lyon worth Burns and Monnas salery put together or is he even playing better than just one of them!!!
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Dessie puts him there because he's paid big dollars for a 5/8.

Sometimes I think Dessie picks players in teams on pay packets rather than ability.
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I dont expect too much from most people in their 1st years at a new club. I remember this type of carry on a few years back about Kite not being worth it, but he has turned out just fine.

I will be one of the few that prefers Lyon at 5/8. There are plenty of calls to get him back to the centres, but if that is back to left centre then it is a waste of time. All his best play is on the right hand side of the park, and last night i thought he easily looked our most dangerous back, he created a lot for Bell outside him. I will leave him at 5/8 because i want to see him on the right, and on the basis that with more games under their belt Lyon,Bell and G.Stewart all around the same channel could be a trump card in attack, Lyon is showing a bit more every week that he can position Bell into holes.

I listened for about 18-24 months to all the experts who said Lockyer would never be a 5/8 and should be put back to fullback because he is a waste of time at 5/8, look at where he is now
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Its ridiculous to have a world class centre playing 5/8.I think that experiment is better left alone now.Having Menzies in the centres for the last 2 games has basically been a waste of time,because he has hardly touched the ball,and his usual effectiveness has been nullified.Putting him back in the second row and moving Williamson on to the bench asap is really the only option.
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Lyon is not a 5/8 full stop. I don't know what's with Des on this one but but we've let Burns go and Monaghan the other possible 5/8 option is gone for next year. Does anyone jump out of PL or Flegg to be 5/8? What to do?
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Lyon is a great centre but none of our backs are really playing super well, outside Snake. We crab cross-field and seem to rely on fancy footwork rather than hitting gaps at speed.

Lyon is not playing well at five-eighth but could be good should we get depth in our attack as he could straighten us up. The jury is out but he has been much better at centre so far.
I guess it's just a question of time to see how he goes at 5/8. There are signs of improvement in Lyon game. The big test for the Eagles will be nxt year with Michael Monaghan, Travis Burns,Chris Hicks and possibly Rose ? all leaving the club at the end of 2007. I hope we take out the title this year.
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4 3 1 8 8
4 2 1 28 7
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4 3 1 16 6
5 3 2 6 6
5 3 2 0 6
4 2 2 -10 6
4 2 2 -14 6
5 2 2 -12 5
4 2 2 23 4
5 2 3 -6 4
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4 2 2 -13 4
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