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I think we re a few years off

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by jbb/james, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. jbb/james

    jbb/james Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    no doubt there will be a few more changes in the offseason, with probably 5 players shown the door maybe more. Too many forwards not enough backs. Then we have the old heads coming to an end . Our team will have a lot of changes over the next few years including this one. Next year may be our best option with some smart new recruits and some smarter losses but if not we are a few years away i reckon. But man we are building a strong unit
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    • madmax

      madmax Well-Known Member

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      I think we have enough backs mate. It's fortunate that we have the back line we do, however it's unfortunate that none of our other backs can get the opportunity to show how good they are unless there's an injury, therefore we continually complain we have no backs. All other clubs have the same complaints when they're losing....we're no different.
    • Turbo

      Turbo Well-Known Member

      +1,565 /497
      Yeah no depth in the backs, forward depth is awesome probably the best in the comp. we are building a premiership side no doubt we just require some good young backs. ATM we look like a top 8 side even with out half our team. Next year is where it will begin. Skivvi can certainly stay another year IMO he is playing really well for us. Jamie isn't playing too bad either but may need to play 5/8 so he stops having circles run round him in the centres. Building towards 2018 for a real shot is what I see. This year I can't see anyone but Broncos winning. And I reckon parra will probably win it next year or Canberra.

      2017 side
      2.Tafua-Key to our set starts he is and absolute workhorse
      6.Walker-Starting to come along Nicley should retain the 5/8 jumper he has earned it and at the end of 2016 he will probably be one of the better halves in the comp
      11.Symonds-He has played himself into a new contract with a string of good performances

      17.Vave-Earned a new contract
    • maxta

      maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +4,505 /100
      I think its a fair point ...but also very hard to get an accurate gauge considering...
      1) Such a new team & new structures
      2) Injuries...in KEY positions
      I think by round 20 it will show where the team is really lacking & who WANTS to be here...then its up to recruitment to show the door & open it to bolster the squad for 2017.
      Most importantly, there's a flicker of hope in 2016......there's plenty of improvement to come at full strength & may yet surprise.
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      • Turbo

        Turbo Well-Known Member

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        Depth for 2017
        Outside backs-Ramien-Sign up some other up and coming outside backs
        Second row-Buhrer/Knight/Green/Walker/Kelly

        We are going to need better depth Then that to make a play to the title for 2017.
      • HK_Eagle

        HK_Eagle Well-Known Member

        +2,073 /53
        It's interesting how our backline was seen as the one strength we did still have through the changes over these past few seasons. Even at the beginning of this season commentators were noting how we still boasted one of the most dangerous backlines with just a question mark over how well Walker would slot into 5/8.

        It looks far from it at this point in time. While the forwards were given a bagging in the first couple of games (rightfully so), they have come good and shown some major improvement. Currently they are showing up a backline full of experience and perceived stars. Of course, we also have to take into account the loss of DCE while that forward improvement has happened, and the disruption that causes for the backline. Nevertheless, there have been a few too many senior stars who have put in some poor performances to date (and inconsistent at best).

        Looking forward to when all the pieces start fitting into place...
        1. A forward group that continues to show up, working well together to create a brick wall defensively up the middle and continuing strong go-forward to give the backs some time and space.
        2. Halves that organise and create, feeding outside backs with quality ball with the time and space to ply their craft.

        Good times ahead, just a question of time.
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        • The Who

          The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

          +7,249 /173
          I'm sure Willow has a plan. He has been grooming our reserves to be future premiership winners.
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          • Mark from Brisbane

            Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

            +19,655 /383
            Jeez @jbb/james i said this a few weeks ago and was crucified for saying it.

            This is year 1 of maybe a 5 year tip at another GF!

            This year , next and one after will be a bit painful as we pull together the right mix and see the retirement of the old brigade, but there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
          • TerryRandall

            TerryRandall Well-Known Member

            +4,455 /82
            Crap on that. That's loser talk. We are Manly - we expect to win every year, and why not?
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            • sheridanstand78

              sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

              +4,863 /73
              I think this year is a building year. The team has potential and is going as well as expected. I think we are still light on in the backs, we need more speed out wide and we need a dominant prop. I would target Aaron Woods if he is ever available. I think 2017 will be a big year for the club. The younger guys will step up, Jake T I hope is made captain when Killer finishes and young Tom will be awesome at full back. Work in progress, right now they have done well when you consider its a new team and right now its pretty clunky to watch but the foundations are there. We will be fine!
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              • Turbo

                Turbo Well-Known Member

                +1,565 /497
                Chez and Jake T will be co captains IMO they both deserve it
              • SeaEagleRock8

                SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                +10,548 /214
                Sure it is a building year but the plan is for an immediate rebuild, not a piece by piece plan stretching off into the distant future. That is why the painful cuts were made.

                We are light in the backs because we needed to bolster the forwards. We've done that thanks to letting go some excellent talent.

                This team will be clunky for a few months but don't be too surprised if we turn into contenders by season's end. This season!
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                • Wombat Legacy

                  Wombat Legacy Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                  +2,772 /154
                  2018 will be our year. I visited the future this week, and I gotta tell you, we have a lot to look forward to.
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                  • brad

                    brad Well-Known Member

                    +4,337 /160
                    Well i think 16 will be our year , maybe not win it but give it a shake. Its only round 7 we are 3 wins mid field, 7 from 14 with players coming back and combos clicking should have us sitting to make a charge. Last season was ordinary but we won 8 from 10 to have sides looking over their shoulders and I can't see this year being any different.
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                    • manlyfan76

                      manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                      +8,041 /174
                      We will win 2016
                      Win in 2017 and
                      Win in 2018.
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                      • Andrew..

                        Andrew.. It's better to burn out, than to fade away. 2017 Tipping Competitor

                        +2,535 /31
                        I'll have what he's having.
                      • bob dylan

                        bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                        +6,440 /192
                        Our roster is very average, but it could mould into a top 6 side in this very average comp.

                        But here is the thing no one is going to like.

                        The next time Manly win a premiership Lyon, Stewart and Matai won't be in the team. The question is when do we move them on.

                        I think the sooner the better.
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                        • Turbo

                          Turbo Well-Known Member

                          +1,565 /497
                          All this year can leave. Snake is crap now, same with Lyon and Matai. I don't care if they are legends ATM we are not winning a premiership with them in the team
                        • NYEagle

                          NYEagle Well-Known Member

                          +1,400 /84
                          This Manly team is ready to win this year. As TB has said, they just need to develop some flair in attack. The defense is already there. I have seen enough in the first 7 weeks, playing under highly sub-optimal conditions to believe it.
                          All this team needs to do is make the eight, and that will be done easily, and Manly are barely on free to air TV until round 21 or later so this team can be the real shock darkhorse come semi final time.
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                          • mjb136

                            mjb136 MWSE fanatic Premium Member

                            +1,544 /34
                            I wouldn't say a few years, 2016 would be a monumental effort, and is unlikely, 2017 we will rattle the cage in a big way.
                            Still a couple of good signings away from being optimal (i.e. a renowned 5/8, and a bit more grunt in the forwards [who have improved out of sight since rd 1]), if Bozo works his magic, next year we will be up there.
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